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Denver Botanical Gardens: Doing More with Less

Video from our Nonprofit event at Denver Botanic Gardens: https://www.elevatedthird.com/article/digital-nonprofit-doing-more-less

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Things to Know Before Doing a Landscape Design

by ntr23 Not sure what your house lacks to look picture perfect? Well take a look outside your house. Many people spend considerable time and money fixing up their interiors. Seldom is that much time or money spent on the exteriors. Giving more importance to the interior and depriving the exterior of any, results in […]

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About Me & Why I’m Doing This – Basement Hydroponic LED Grow Light Garden

A little introduction and some background about me and why I am doing this LED grow light and the basement hydroponic garden thing. Here are the projects that I discussed in the video: https://www.lifepixel.com/ – Infrared camera conversions, etc https://digitalphotoshopretouching.com/ – Photoshop retouching tutorials https://chilledgrowlights.com/ – LED grow lights (current project) What to learn more […]

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