Are You a Life Gardener?

It’s that time of year when many start playing in the dirt planting their gardens. For many it is the re-affirmation of life while at the same time giving them the opportunity to commune with nature. It’s not only about beauty, but it’s also about sustenance for those who plant vegetables. Before heading to the garden you have to assess the perennials you already have and the annuals you want to plant. The planting of annuals is the gift proclaiming life.

Surprisingly, there’s no difference between gardening in the dirt and gardening in the earth of your soul. When you create your life garden you can come up with any design as long as the theme is health and healing. Every time you plant a seedling, an idea, you support life. When you plant something in your life garden you are setting life-affirming energy in motion. Being a life gardener allows you to design your life in a way that is aesthetically appealing and soul soothing.

As with any garden, balance is important. You have to first decide if you’re planting for form or function? Are you planting so your life looks good or are you planting ideas, emotions, and beliefs in your life garden so you’ll feel good? If you’re a comedian you’ll follow the old saying from Billy Crystal, “It’s better to look good than to feel good”; we know that to be false. Having the right tools will make life gardening easier. It requires that you think about scale and perspective of the things you want to accomplish. You’ll need to make sure that your life seeds get sufficient nutrients and light to reach their full potential.

You’ll need to figure out how you will fertilize your life garden? Do you feel fulfilled when you are around those you love, engage in activities you enjoy, or commune with nature? Whatever you choose it’s important that you fertilize your life garden on a regular basis. Depletion of physical, emotional, and spiritual nutrients creates an empty human/spiritual vessel.

There is nothing more beautiful than a flourishing life garden. Choosing to become a life gardener is an exciting adventure; one that will leave you feeling in control and enthusiastic about what life has to offer.

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Crimes Against Horticulture Episode 1

“Crimes Against Horticulture: When Bad Taste Meets Power Tools” takes a shot at the amazingly boneheaded, f’ugly things people do in the name of gardening. Founded by Billy Goodnick, author of “Yards: Turn Any Outdoor Space Into the Garden of Your Dreams”, it’s a way of educating people by pointing out how NOT to garden.

This first of four episodes, produced for Garden Wise, a CityTV18 public service TV show in Santa Barbara, CA, solves the case of the birch tree hat rack and explains why it’s not only visually disturbing, but also the potential harm to people and properties from improper pruning.

Goodnick has been obsessed with the heinous acts perpetrated against trees, shrubs, and other growies. “I think it’s very instructional – and lots more fun – to learn by showing bad examples than to look at all the luscious color coffeetable garden books for a clue.”

Billy Goodnick has been posting his Crimes Against Horticulture photos and snarky comments at Facebook for a few years, building a worldwide audience in the thousands. Now he’s putting his sustainable gardening advice to good use in video format. This is the first of four episodes that will appear quarterly.

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Best Bathroom supplies

Whether you are a tradesman or a householder, it can often be difficult to source good quality bathroom supplies, such as shower pumps, from the internet at reasonable prices. However, if you look carefully and target your search, there are several reputable companies offering very good deals on bathroom supplies. When we need to replace or renew bathroom fixture and fittings, we want as little upheaval as possible and any work which needs carried out to be completed rapidly and efficiently. It is worth bearing in mind that unless you are confident enough to carry out work on your own bathroom it is probably best left to a fully time-served plumber.

However, this does not stop you sourcing and ordering the necessary supplies so that they are ready for a good tradesman to install. A firm which stocks top brands such as Worcester, Salamander and Saniflo is likely to be reputable, as is one which uses a customer registration system and secure online payment as a protection against fraud. Delivery rates should be transparent too- next day delivery is excellent but be sure that it is clear just how much rapid delivery adds to the product price as all prices are not necessarily inclusive of delivery.

Some firms also offer price comparison promises whereby they will either match or beat the prices of their nearest competitors, so take advantage of offers such as these. Look for a firm which offers a selection of brands and products in each category: for example, if you require shower pumps, a selection including products from Aqualisa, Salamander, Grundfos and Stuart Turner Ltd would be perfectly acceptable. Furthermore, related accessories such as flanges should be offered. A company offering a more comprehensive product range is preferable since, provided the prices and quality are acceptable, all products, fixtures and fittings can be ordered simultaneously, meaning that when they are delivered, installation work can begin in earnest straight away.

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Growing Organic Weed on Amsterdam Rooftop; Cannabis Garden w/ Soma Seeds – SmokersGuideTV Amsterdam – Uncle Stoner and Andrew Pyrah visit Soma´s rooftop garden in Amsterdam to see his beautiful plants and learn a few grow tips! Soma also shares his thoughts on cannabis healing the world.

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