SHERPA Garden Utility Cart

From Sherpa, this is an excellent quality 4 wheel utility cart. It comes complete with removable mesh drop-down sides. Steering is via the front wheels – which also have 4-ply pneumatic tyres and roller bearings. This utility cart is essential for the large garden, stables or paddock and can be pulled by hand using the supplied handle/towing hitch. It can also be towed on small vehicles such as quad-bikes or garden tractors using the supplied clevis pin adaptor. A very versatile cart indeed.

The sides are easily removed (without need for tools) so it can act as a flatbed – useful for transporting outsized objects. A really versatile and useful machine! At Mower Magic we use these trolleys for moving heavy boxes and they are very versatile.

Included with this utility cart is a heavy duty canvas liner (removable) – great if you are moving soil, sand, animal feed etc. This liner makes this already excellent cart even more versatile!
* Includes hitch for tractor / ATV
* Superbly useful item
* All steel construction
* Four hinged drop sides
* Turntable steering
* Canvas Liner included!

* 350kg load capacity – MASSIVE !!!!
* Sides can be dropped down or removed
* Pneumatic wheel 30cm diam.
* Bearing to wheels
* Overall dimensions 140cm long x 64cm wide x 65cm high (excluding draw bar handle)
* Internal dimensions 118cm long x 57cm wide x 32cm high.

Available from—Large—Free-Liner-worth–19.99–SLGT.html

Best Of Golf Cart

As the name suggests golf cart is a cart used in the game of golf, thats why its conveniently called a golf cart. A golf cart has enough room to carry two golfers, and their equipment. Usually a golf caddy is seen sitting at the back of the golf cart.

A golf cart is a must have item on a grand golf course. Since, the golf course is huge; it is not possible for the players to walk from hole to hole without exhausting themselves. Hence, for this purpose the modern day golf cart was invented. Initially it was used to run on electricity, times changed, people changed and so did golf carts.
The golf cart that dominates the market is of two kinds. One that runs on gas, and the other on electricity. The electric golf cart has to be recharged from time to time and is supposed to be extremely environmentally friendly. Electric golf cart doesnt contribute to noise pollution either, hence making it more popular than the gas golf cart.

Gas golf cart, even though widely used has its own advantages and disadvantages. Someone can get stranded on the golf course, if the golf cart runs out of gas. This is major turn off, because people play golf to relax and unwind. Being stranded on a golf course doesnt contribute to that.
The job of a golf cart has changed over the years. It is not used for the game of golf any more. Since its a small, compact ride, that runs on gas and electricity and is environmentally friendly a lot of housing communities have started implementing the golf cart as a means of getting from one place to another.

Now a golf cart is a normal sight at senior citizen communities as well. The senior citizens tend to move about the retirement facility on a golf cart, which makes it easier for them. The golf cart is easy to drive; it is user friendly, its not every fast and it fulfills its purpose. Retirement communities tend to be very big, bigger than golf courses.

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Harbor Freight Trencher Loading a Garden Cart

Harbor Freight Trencher Loading a Garden Cart

I had a request to show the load height that my trencher was capable of. This video shows it loading a garden cart that has sides 36″ off the ground. I think you would have trouble loading a pickup with it, but a short trailer works ok if positioned properly.
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Wheeleez Beach Carts

Planning to spend a day at the beach? Sounds like fun! But a whole day at the beach requires you to carry many a thing, like towels, loungers, umbrella, food basket, sun-tan lotions, etc. That is when you realize the need of a beach cart.

We often overlook the importance of a beach cart in the excitement and frenzy. A beach cart can make your movements more flexible. You can carry your things on the cart and pull it with you around. Wheeleez beach carts are the best ones that you can get in the market. Its pneumatic yet tough tires can withstand heavy loads easily. There are several types of carts.

One is the simple cart. It is equipped with a pair of detachable 42cm low pressure wheels. It can take a load up to 220 lbs and is suitable for the most challenging terrain as well as soft sand. It is made up of high density polyethylene tub and an adjustable anodized aluminium handle. With this cart, you can easily transport your things in one go. Its handle bar and the kickstand fold can be removed without any special mechanism.

Another type is the Beach Cart-folding. It is equipped with a pair of 30 cm low pressure wheels. It has a load capacity of 165lbs and is suitable for use on uneven terrain and soft sand. It is made up of epoxy powder coated tubular steel. This one is perfect for carrying balls, beach gear, or a rectangular cooler for drinks. You can easily fold it to store it inside your car.

For all those times when you are not carrying much of a load, you can use the Beach Cart Folding-Mini. This is the modified version of the Beach Cart-Folding. It is equipped with a pair of 22cm low pressure wheels. It is suitable for use on uneven terrain and sand. It has a load capacity of 77 lbs and is made up of epoxy powder coated tubular steel. This is a very handy cart; even children can pull/push it. This particular model makes carrying things quite easy as its unique wheels can smoothly roll over a surface.

BeachMall has a large collection of beach products and you can buy them at the most affordable prices. You can easily order your item online by using your credit card. Get your favourite Wheeleez Beach Cart and enjoy your time at the beach without any headache.

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