Advanced Nutrients – Tools for the Advanced Gardener

Without the basics, your garden will artlessly not be able to accomplish actual abundant growth. Alike if you are backed by an absorbing set of high tech equipments and resources, your garden artlessly won’t be able to accomplish the ample yields and adorable bake-apple and vegetables that are accessible with a hydroponic garden. But already you accept baffled all of the basal elements such as comestible balance, temperature, basal maintenance, and pH balance, you should alpha cerebration about added things that you can use to advice your garden ability the abutting akin of able growth.

3 Parts Nutrients – Most alpha agriculture growers use a basal comestible mix that they use consistently throughout their plant’s development. While plants can absolutely abound advantageous this way, this adjustment is not the best way to get the complete added good and healthiest plants that you can achieve. Your bulb can account from altered nutrients at altered times and accordingly it ability be a added good abstraction to accommodate it with altered comestible mixes at the propagation, vegetative, and beginning stages of development.

3 Parts nutrients accomplish this action simple by alignment the nutrients that advance growth, nutrients that advance blooming, and the micronutrients into abstracted containers. You can again mix these nutrients together, depending aloft how developed your plants are.

PK 9/18 – As your plants alpha to access the beginning date of development, you accept to accomplish assertive that your plants get a solid addition of potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients are capital to abounding fruits and advantageous blooms. But abounding bodies accomplish the aberration of application PK 13/14 to accord their plants a addition of these nutrients, which absolutely accept the amiss arrangement of phosphorus to potassium. Added accepted and authentic analysis shows that hydroponically developed plants would account abundant added from a two to one arrangement of these macronutrients. This is why you can acquaintance the best after-effects with PK 9/18 during this analytical date of you plants development.

B Vitamin Hydroponic Products – One of the greatest inhibitors to your plant’s development and advance is stress. Accent can be acquired by appointment your plant, through disease, or alike acutely accelerated growth. The best way to annul this accent is through the use of B vitamin supplements, which advice accord your plants the activity they charge to abound rapidly. These B vitamins can appear from either amoebic or constructed sources, depending aloft your own growing preferences.

Seaweed Plant Food – If you absolutely appetite to accord your plants a abundant addition of nutrients and added things that they need, you should attending to seaweed bulb food. Years of analysis has accepted that bulb aliment acquired from kelp has a ton of absolute furnishings on bulb advance and development. This is because kelp artlessly contains a ton of hormones and vitamins that are accepted to accept a account to plants. What is alike added good is that these supplements are absolutely organic, acceptation that it is actual absurd that you will overuse them.

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Hire a Landscape Gardener to Help Sell Your Home

You may have ran out of ideas on how to add value to your home by revamping the interior but too many of us forget that sometimes a beautifully landscaped garden alone can sell a house. It’s important to remember that a lot of buyers nowadays are looking for a “ready made” home which most definitely includes the garden so it’s worth investing some money to hire a professional landscape gardener to create a stunning garden that could clinch the deal.

A well thought out landscaped garden that contains both looks and practicality is a huge bonus, by hiring a landscape gardener they’ll deal with the design, planning and not to forget all the hard work involved. You can work with the gardener and through your vision and their experience create a dream garden that anyone would envy. A clever use of space is to create sectioned areas, maybe a patio or decked area that allows room for adults to relax and entertain and a separate area for the children to play of keep their pets and most importantly ensure privacy is a priority on your list, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax in your garden whilst being over looked by what feels like every house on the street. A lot of potential buyers will take the privacy factor into strong consideration so it’s important to get it right.

Although the design and planning of your new garden should be at the fore front of your mind you should also consider the little touches that can sometimes make all the difference like adding some outdoor heating or a built in barbecue. If you’re not sure where to start don’t forget that your gardener probably has years of experience so will know what heater will keep give off the most heat or where you can get a great deal on a barbecue.

So many people invest money getting their back gardens landscaped and merely overlook any front garden they may have.You have to remember that the front garden will be the first thing that any prospective buyers see and first impressions really are everything so have your gardener landscape the front too, you’d be surprised at how many subconscious decisions are made within the first few seconds of a buyer walking through the front gate.

Landscaping your garden will make selling your house a lot easier and if properly planned and designed it can add a lot of value to your home. Invest a little money now in hiring a professional landscape gardener and it will reap huge rewards in the future.

Hire a landscape gardener and see how much value and saleability you can add to your home.

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Being a Frugal Gardener and a Responsible Citizen

It used to be that someone was considered “cheap” if they tried to save money. But these days just about everyone is hurting financially, so being careful with your money is becoming a lot more acceptable. This is true in gardening just as much as in any other field. A good frugal gardener, though, thinks about more than just her pocketbook. She also considers ways to reduce waste and to save resources.

You would be surprised at how many of the things most people would call garbage that can be used in your garden. And putting recycled objects in your garden not only reduces the trash in landfills, it can also add a sense of charm.


Chairs without seats are great for holding up plants, and old gardening tools with long handles make fun stakes. Use a broken bit of vinyl blinds to label your plants. If you find a broken statue at a yard sale, buy it for your garden. Once it’s glued back together, no one will be able to tell the difference. And a frugal gardener doesn’t throw away those old coffee grounds. They can be added to your compost if you have plants that do well in acidic soil. You can even toss the old filter in the garden too as long is it’s the brown, unbleached variety.

Gardens require a lot of water, and no garden can survive long without it. But this precious natural resource isn’t as endless as many people think and, as a good frugal gardener knows, it can get to be quite expensive. So invest in a rain barrel to collect rainwater for later use in your garden. Instead of just wasting the water from your washer, redirect it onto your plants. Also consider buying a drip irrigation system. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, is simple to put together, and can save a lot of water. It uses less water than a hose, and less of what it does use evaporates. In addition, it delivers the water straight to your plants roots, which means that the garden won’t need as much of it. You can also use water collected from a dehumidifier in your garden.

In conclusion, if you want to be a good frugal gardener, don’t just think of yourself and your garden. Also consider the environment, your neighborhood, and society as a whole.

Victoria Rosendahl has been getting dirt under her nails in the garden since she was 10 at summer camp. For more frugal gardening tips, sign up for The Frugal Gardener, a free monthly ezine, at

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How to Become a Tea Gardener and Grow Your Own Tea Plants

You can now combine your love of drinking tea and gardening! Yes, you can grow real tea plants from the Camellia sinensis plant. Imagine growing and serving tea that you grew in your own garden!

This is an absolutely beautiful and highly ornamental plant that would compliment any garden. Although the tea plant can grow to tree over 30 feet tall, when pruned, it makes a great spreading bush that will grow to 2-5 feet tall. A tea Gardner prefers to keep the plant at a size that is easy for plucking the tender blooms to make tea. In fact pruning and removing the more mature leaves allows you tea plant to have stronger new growth.

It is not difficult to grow the Camellia sinensis plant. The areas for growing are zoned, so if you live in the Zones 7 to 9 you can grow your tea plants outdoors in your garden.

Don’t be discouraged if you live outside of the zone, because this hardy green tea plant does very well in a container or in a green house.

A lot of space is not required to grow your very own tea, so a small porch or even a balcony will do just fine. In fact, some prefer to grow their Camellia sinensis teaplant in a potted container that they can bring in to protect it from the cold. In fact, because the plant thrives in a well drained and acidic soil many prefer to use a container as they find it easier to maintain the acidity of the soil.

The beauty of the Camellia sinensis plants are the beautiful small white blossoms that bloom in the fall. They have an absolutely intoxicating and delightful scent. The leaves have a leathery oval shaped appearance and produces seeds the size of a marble.

More on how to become a tea Gardner and grow your own tea plants

There are several ways to plant your Camellia sinensis. You can purchase tea plants from a nursery or purchase the seeds and start from scratch. The marble size seeds have an outer shell. Some chose to crack open that outer shell before planting the seed. Other gardeners completely remove the outer shell. This is the choice of most gardeners. It is important that if you remove the outer shell of the tea seed, that the soil is well drained. Tea embryos will rot in the early stages if the soil is too damp

The Camellia sinensis plant prefers to have daytime temperatures around 70 degrees and temperatures in the high 50 degree range at night time.

It takes approximately 3 – 4 years before you will be able to harvest you first batch of brewed tea. Nurturing and patience are required of the individual that wants to grow their own tea plants.

Your tea plant will be ready to harvest when the buds and leaves on your plants develop 3 sets of leaves on a branch. Good quality tea is only made from the first 3 leaves and bud of the plant. This is a process know as fine plucking. The lower leaves are known to brew a lower quality of tea.

How much tea does one tea plant produce? The average plant produces about three thousand tea leaves a year. This is equivalent to approximately one pound of processed and dried tea.

Did you know that white tea, green tea, black and oolong tea all come from the same tea bush? Yes, they do! It is the processing and oxidation process that each tea goes through that creates its own distinct flavor.

The next step to becoming a tea Gardner is learning to harvest your tea plants. There can be no better cup of tea than one you brew from your own garden.

Connie Bednar has been a tea enthusiast all her life. She enjoys sharing information about loose leaf tea and so her web site was born. Learn more about growing and harvesting tea plants here on her web site. Take the time to sign up for “Tea Note Speaker” her newsletter while you are there and take advantage of her complimentary tea eCourse.