Frank’s Magical Succulent Garden

We had the pleasure of visiting Frank’s succulent garden when we we were traveling in California. It’s an amazing and beautiful succulent collection that Frank and his wife have lovingly created in their front yard. It’s front yard landscaping at its best – California style.Description

DIY Succulent Container Garden using a Coffee Mug or Dish

Make a fun DIY succulent container garden using an ordinary dish like a cup or a mug! By

Mugs by Sarah Jane Design available here:
and here:
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Check the full recipie at our website:


Here’s what you’ll need:

– A nice Planter
– Pebbles
– Soil. Any soil will work but is better if you can get special succu mix
– Gravel or more pebbles to decor. I use white pebbles for the first layer and red ones as a final layer.
– A recipient for the mess you’ll be doing

You also may need:

– Gardener scissors
– A tiny shovel or a spoon
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How To Make A DIY Vertical Succulent Garden (StoreeOfMyLife)

How To Make A DIY Vertical Succulent Garden (StoreeOfMyLife)

This video shows how to make a DIY vertical succulent garden from an old shadowbox. It looks like a picture frame garden of succulents. Almost as if it’s a living picture frame. Succulents are very popular and this is a great room decor piece for the spring and summer.

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Ten Terrific Colorful Succulents

Succulent design expert and author Debra Lee Baldwin shows ten of her favorite succulents for landscapes and potted arrangements. All are sturdy, easy-care, low-water, colorful and readily available. Filmed during one of Debra’s annual presentations at Roger’s Gardens, the largest independently owned nursery on the West Coast. Obtain Debra’s list of plants (her hand-out sheet) on her website,, under “About Succulents.”