Successful No water Gardening!

A simple procedure can have you growing worry free without having to be a slave to a watering schedule or having to constantly deal with fungus and blight issues. Join me on the farm and see how it’s done.
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Water Garden Skatepark!

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Skatepark ─▒n tam adresi i┼čte bu linkte:,+MACFit+Watergarden,+Ahlat+Sok.,+34111+Ata┼čehir%2F─░stanbul/@40.9960322,29.1027524,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x14cac88211bfa753:0x44526c73eae45240

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Backyard Fish Pond – Bee Water, Garden & Fish

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GreenStalk Tower Garden Video:

Broken Pot Fairy Garden Video:

Honeybees are very docile creatures, mostly, but most folks would rather them not buzz around a pool or other areas where we have guests and children.

Our approach to this problem is to install a 150 gallon fish pond, with aquatic plants, cheap gold fish, and a water pump that keeps the water well oxygenated and filtered. We’ve also placed 2 pots in the water that are topped with a few varieties of moss, which the bees really seem to enjoy using as their drinking spot.

There are several aquatic plants we bought from the pet store, including a water lily, but also some Thyme and Lemon Grass that we originally started in our GreenStalk Garden Tower as well as the Broken Pot Fairy Garden we made earlier this year.

Keep checking as we continue to landscape the area and make it into a place where the bees and other pollinators can also eat from, as well as put in some sitting spots for us human types.
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Watergarden ─░stanbul, Ata┼čehir’de a├ž─▒ld─▒! Muhte┼čem havuz show’lar─▒, restoranlar ve birbirinden keyifli etkinlikler Watergarden’da sizi bekliyor!
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AquaFarm (Water Garden) Introduction

The Water Garden combines a 3-gallon (11 Liters) fish tank with a vegetable and herb grow bed into one closed-loop ecosystem that fits easily on home kitchen, classroom or office. The waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish!