Denver Botanic Gardens Visits South Africa

Explore South Africa through a botanist’s eyes in this video featuring footage from a trip taken by Panayoti Kelaidis, Denver Botanic Gardens’ director of outreach, in January 2015.

Denver shares a dry, cold-winter climate with other steppe regions of the world, including South Africa’s high central plateau and Drakensberg Mountains.

More than 20,000 plant species—over 10% of the world’s vascular plants—live in South Africa. Some of the most successful plants in Denver’s landscapes come from Denver Botanic Gardens’ research in the area.
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Video footage of a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens with images of work being performed on the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory; the Bill Hosokawa Bonsai Garden; the Monet Pool; the Japanese Garden; the Moon Gate in June’s PlantAsia; and peonies in full bloom; Thursday, May 26, 2016