DIY Fairy Garden Accessories Part 2! (Koi Pond, Wooden Table, Hanging Basket)

Want to know how to make miniature accessories/decorations for a fairy garden or doll house such as a koi pond, wooden table, and a hanging basket? Well, you’ve clicked on the right video! These decorations will surely bring your fairy garden to life!
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After filming this video, I realized that it would also look cute to place a little candle in the hanging basket (sort of like a lamp post!) You would have to use an electronic candle, though, so that nothing catches on fire!! :O
Thank you so much for watching!
Music: (FYI: this website is in Japanese. Please let me know if you need any help finding the particular piece that I used in my video!)
P.S: a BIG thanks for all the positive feedback from part 1 of my fairy garden accessories video! I wasn’t even planning on making a part 2, but it has more likes than any of my other videos, so I decided I should share even more decorations with you! ♥ It makes my day to get a ‘like’ on my videos, so thank you so so so much!!
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Fairies are playful jovial creatures that enjoy a good prank and will frolic about with glee in your garden when you’re not looking. Fairy gardeners can surely expect to awaken to mysterious disarray in their gardens after a night of mischievous fairy dancing. Fairies are also symbols of good luck and prosperity. Fairies are often said to dwell in fragrant herb gardens to ensure that herbs will flourish and protect humans from illness, danger and stress.

Fairy gardening creates memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Unleash your inner child and bring fairy tales to life in your own backyard. The possibilities for your fairy gardens are limited only by your imagination.

It’s the perfect time of year to discover the magic of fairy gardens, add to your fairy gardens or celebrate the magic of the spring season. May your spring be filled with flower blossoms and fairy magic!

Location is everything in the real estate market and the same holds true even in the miniature world of Fairies! While planning your fairy garden, select a location to take advantage of the natural elements of your garden.

Many miniature plants and delicate miniatures require protection from the elements and garden travelers. Take advantage of your natural landscape and create your fairy garden in the shade of a tree or nestle against hills, rock outcroppings, stumps etc. to protect your fairy gardens from both the elements and wandering feet.

You can also create your fairy gardens in flower pots and raised containers to provide miniature portable fairy gardens that provide great protection. Any container can be transformed into an enchanted fairy garden. Use flower pots, raised terracotta saucers, bowls, garden carts, and virtually any discarded material to create a magical one of kind fairy garden.

Let your imagination run free when you are creating your miniature fairy garden. You may find it useful to segment an area for your fairy gardens with garden borders, miniature fencing or even river rock. During construction you can add rolling hills or even miniature ponds to your fairy garden projects.

Any type of plant, tree and flower can easily be incorporated into your fairy gardens. We create a base for our fairy gardens out with low growing ground cover. Be sure to select plants of your particular gardening environment and zone. It’s helpful to look for plants at your local nurseries and be sure to browse the ground cover and herbal sections. As your garden grows you can add alpine or bonsai trees for magical miniature plants.

When creating your fairy garden, you’ll need some type of fairy house that encourages fairies to make their homes in your garden and provide an outlet to hide from humans. A fairy house can be any type of miniature dwelling whether you purchase a fairy house or create one yourself. The Landscape Connection offers a wide variety of fairy houses, accessories, characters and habitats.

Everything is more magical in miniature! Shop our collection of miniature garden supplies to create the enchanted miniature garden of your dreams. Indoors and out, our versatile miniature fairy garden supplies will add a touch of magic to your home and gardens.

At The Landscape Connection, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best miniature garden supplies, fairy garden accessories and inspirations for your enchanted miniature creations. Happy miniature fairy gardening!

Take a moment today to give us a call at 815-639-0903 or stop out at The Landscape Connection located at 4472 South Mulford Road in beautiful Rockford, Illinois to browse our fantastic selection of Fairy Garden supplies and accessories. We’d love to visit with you about your dreams, visions and ideas for your fairy garden project and would love to give you our expertise and caring concern because at The Landscape Connection, we are TRULY not happy – unless and until you are.

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