Gardens of Italy

It’s only open for a few weeks at this time of year (May and June) and was created in 1950 and on the site of a former Jewish cemetery, so part of it has paths set out in the shape of the Menorah or candelabra. The varieties of rose are ever increasing – Williams and Kate have just had a new one named after them, but this collection still has an astonishingly large sample of them all. Go visit – it’s a very pleasant walk down by the Tiber and across the most ancient part of Rome from the De Renzi apartment in Trastevere. There are some more photos here.
Venturing a little further afield, the gardens of the Villa d’Este at Tivoli are known to most. It’s the use of water and fountains for which it’s best known. Fortunately, the hills around Rome have always provided a plentiful supply of good sweet water to the City and its surrounding areas.
While you’re in the area, see Villa Adriana, Hadrian’s villa . The grounds are pleasant, but it’s the architecture that stupefies, especially the maritime theatre – see picture below(Florence Apartment Rental).
Also Villa Aldobrandini (closed on Sundays). You could either take a day trip from one of DVV’s Rome apartments, or how about staying in your own ancient ruin – Casale Tullio just north of Rome has air conditioning and a swimming pool, but also its very own Roman villa within the grounds, believed to have belonged to to Cicero, the famous orator.
Further afield, closer to Tuscany is a group of gardens near Viterbo. Bomarzo is the strangest, having been originally created in the 16th century by a member of the Orsini family, rather bizarrely to mourn the death of his wife. It’s a garden of monsters, the most celebrated being the one you can see below, aptly named the Ogre. It was abandoned, only to be rescued in the 1950s; it’s open all year round.
Nearby are the Villa Farnese, and Villa Lante near Bagnaia(Villas In Tuscany).
Villa del Cimino near Viterbo is the best place to stay, but the seaside villas of the Maremma are near at hand. L’Acacia still has some availability in August. Seaside and culture!

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