Best Planters Wart Remedy – And Making Sure it Never Returns

Looking For a Planters Wart Remedy? Consider This:Up to 10% of all Americans have warts, and this makes them the most common of all skin infections. When a wart occurs on the underside of the foot — the plantar area — it is called a plantar wart.

Cause? — It?s ViralFoot warts, as they are sometimes called, are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The lesions only very rarely become pre-cancerous. The virus may incubate from 1 – 20 months before warts actually appear. The virus may live up to 2 years in individuals with healthy immune systems — making a planters wart remedy necessary!

Exposure: How? and Where?Because HPV thrives in warm, moist environments, you could have picked it up in a public shower or locker room, or around a swimming pool. Even borrowing someone’s shoes or socks may have exposed you. HPV enters your body thru tiny breaks in the epidermal layer of your skin; or thru an open wound.

Why Treat It, If It Might Go Away?For the following reasons:

– Pain elimination: not just the foot pain from walking, but potential leg and back pain also

– Embarrassment: clusters of rapidly spreading, ugly lesions can sometimes cover the entire sole

– Contagion: besides spreading on your own body, you could easily infect loved ones or others

What Your MD Might Suggest:For the reasons just listed, your doctor will likely recommend eliminating the warts themselves, even though the virus itself may survive the treatment. Antiviral agents are only deemed necessary in severe cases. Medical options include:

– A Topical treatment – using acids such as salicylic, which eats away at the lesion

– Freezing, or Cryotherapy — one study suggests that this is less effective than the fabled ‘duct-tape’ cure

– Surgery : including the latest (and most expensive) laser surgery.

Natural & Alternative TreatmentsThere are many alternative treatments that are proven to be quite safe and effective. Some cures are variations of the ‘duct-tape’ cure. Most are far less expensive that traditional medical procedures. Natural treatments require persistence, patience, and may take longer than other, more expensive, remedies.

CautionsBefore Self-Treating Consult with your health care provider first if you have been diagnosed with circulatory problems or diabetes. They will be able to help you choose an appropriate cure for your warts.

In BriefTo eliminate pain and embarrassment — and to keep the warts from spreading — eliminate them with an appropriate planters wart remedy! Then you must carefully avoid exposing yourself to the virus in the future. Keeping your immune system strong will be your best defensive strategy.

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