Mother’s Day Flower Garden | Fan Shout-out | Cozy Corner | Vlog

Remember when the parkway was all kale? See what’s blooming on Mother’s Day in Kaye’s flower garden, new fans Felix and Chrissher, she creates a cozy corner in the garden, Kaye talks about her Europe trip. Please subscribe! Consider becoming a patron of this channel.

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  • WinsomeWinslet 7 months ago

    Kaye, I hope you know how much your videos are loved and appreciated by those who are fortunate enough to happen upon them. I don't always click on every video that I subscribe to, but with your channel, it's a done deal. Thanks for sharing your cozy corner with us and yet again, you've given me another inspiration I can't live without! Thanks! I wonder how a fountain would do in that space? Running water is so peaceful to me. Anyways, I'm getting both my daughters hooked on gardening and using your channel to do it. They love it. Many blessings to you always. <3

  • Gung Ho 7 months ago

    I have a pineapple guava and the birds just love it. They eat the flowers and make nests in the tree. I always recommend it to people who want bird-friendly landscaping.

  • Jean Mitchell 7 months ago

    Hi Kaye, I adore your cozy garden corner and you have done it again, another wonderful video for us to enjoy. Thank you so much. Happy safe fun travels and gardening. <3

  • Tracy Garns 7 months ago

    Oh…I'm jealous of the beautiful peas! I had a row of gorgeous pea plants and in one night a groundhog chewed through the fence and chewed them to one inch nubs.

  • yvonne squadrilli 7 months ago

    we love you Kaye safe an happy trip

  • Будни Фермера 7 months ago

    Cool video! Greetings from Russia from the farm girl =)

  • HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead 7 months ago

    This is your best garden yet! It's so gorgeous and full of color, activity, and good food! Your Cozy Corner is a really nice addition, too. Happy travels!

  • Shalbin James 7 months ago

    Hii kaye! Your garden looks fantastic than ever 🙂 and inspire me to have more flowers on mine.All the best for your Europe Trip:)

  • Little Bean's Garden 7 months ago

    Safe travels! Love the cozy area 😊

  • Permaculture Homestead 7 months ago

    very cozy corner, i just cannot wait for my pineapple guavas to look like that.

  • Yvencia Simmons 7 months ago


  • Yvencia Simmons 6 months ago

    I have learned so much from you! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Epic Yard Farm 6 months ago

    Another lovely video! I LOVE all the colors from your garden Kaye! Truly amazing to see! It was so much fun hanging out with you this weekend, even though it was super short. ❤️

  • Patrick Meehan 6 months ago

    Kaye, Considering the amount of space you have available you have a magnificent garden. It looks so beautiful with a huge variety of plants and flowers. Looking forward to catching up with you in London.

  • Rose M 6 months ago

    always good to see what's going on in your garden, I hope you have lots of fun on your trip and please be safe,

  • ArmindaHeart 6 months ago

    You're amazing! And I can't wait for your next adventures. So sad to leave your garden at this time!

  • Carrie B. 6 months ago

    I was an Army brat growing up. We moved every 2 or 3 years, so I never had a place to claim as my own. My earliest memories were of finding small spots to create my little rooms in the edges of the woods or yard.

    Traveling mercies, Kaye.

  • Chris Towerton 6 months ago

    Your pineapple guava is looking great; can I ask, how old it is? …. It must be very warming for you, to now "see" your inspiration in action 🙂 …. I like your new space, though I think you should allow yourself to bond with the old chair and table and BAN that electronic intrusion! … Safe travelling 😉 Chris xox

  • Cindy Strong 6 months ago

    I thought that desert super bloom video was awesome!

  • ZeesGarden 6 months ago

    hey im in devon, i would love to have u drop by, i love ur show, i have an allotment which is coming to life each day, i've startied a channel which will be active very soon, we could collab & discuss pro's & cons of our climates, tips tricks etc if ur not able i hope u have a great trip


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