Landscape Photography – Two attempts to get a long exposure seascape image

While consistent bright blue skies without a cloud in sight, might sound like the perfect day, it’s ideal conditions for landscape or seascape photography. A little cloud creates interest in the sky and helps make for a better image. After weeks of nothing but blues skies, finally some thin cloud started rolling in. So I didn’t hesitate and grabbed my gear and headed out to Burns Beach to capture a stunning long exposure seascape.

Once I arrived on the beach, I found the conditions were not ideal. The seas were rough and the wind was surprisingly strong. I did all I could to protect the front of the lens from the sea spray being wiped up by the crashing waves and wind gusts. Even though I was prepared with cleaning cloths I just wasn’t able to keep the lens glass clean. Unfortunately when I arrived home and went through the images I had taken, I discovered that everyone of them had water droplet marks on them.

While a little disappointed, I saw the opportunity to take a trip down to Beach Burns again the following day the see if I could capture another seascape image.

When I strived the second day, the immediately noticed the conditions were better then the previous day. The sea was calmer, the wind wasn’t as strong, and there wasn’t nearly as much spray being blown around, this was hopefully going to make things a little easier.

After find a position along the beach, I set up my tripod and pushed the leg into the sand so the tripod wouldn’t move. This created a stable base for my camera. On the 17-35mm lens I mounted a polariser (to cut through the glare coming off the wet rocks and water surface), I also added a 0.6 ND hard graduated filter to reduce the light in the sky. With this set up, I had an f-stop of 13 and a shutter speed of 1/2 second.

I found a simple composition, a small waterfall created by the sea water falling between two rocks. The waves were cycling through in different sizes so I not only needed to watch for the right wave, I was also need to time when I took the shot to ensure the water falling over the rocks had some definitions and there was some water in front of the rocks moving towards the camera.

After a couple of attempts which resulted a too much water with no definition, I reduced the exposure by increasing the shutter speed to 1/4 second.

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  • Sydney Choi 6 months ago

    Hi Andrew, I enjoy your channel so much. your images are always stunningly beautiful and inspiring and even healing….always thanks for your attempts to get the best picture.

  • Saad Khan 6 months ago

    The very last photo is simply breathtaking! You really have a great style of capturing water.

  • Dean Whitworth 6 months ago

    Great vid mate

  • Daniele Fiorini 6 months ago

    Thanks for disclosing the difficulties you faced on getting something very good. I decided to follow you

  • Wayan Sukadana 6 months ago

    Love it and thanks

  • Dhananjay Ingle 6 months ago

    Absolutely Fabulous..

  • Glen Domulevicz 6 months ago

    I like your commitment to getting images that satisfy you, ready to go again rather than accept something less.

  • Elzbieta Arno 6 months ago

    Thank you Andrew, it is nice to see this photography being shot locally, as I live in the Wanneroo area. What is also nice on your vlogs is that you share the exposure criteria which means we can learn to get better ourselves. Thank you.

  • euc kruseana 6 months ago

    Excellent tutorial and inspiring. Good on you for including both visits to the beach – as opposed to only presenting the 'successful' shoot and including your comments as to why you it was redone.

  • Wahyu Suratno 6 months ago


  • Adrian Heffernan 6 months ago

    Wonderful images

  • Errord Jarrett 6 months ago

    Hey Andrew, love your content and I jealous that you live so close to a beach. Anyway I will just have to get over that, LOL…..Still jealous though!! 🙂 I am now a subscriber

  • KreygScott 6 months ago

    Thumbs Up mate. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lazy Are Lazy 6 months ago

    what stop filter are you using, 3, 6, 10? Just gt my tamron 15-30mm 2.8, next need to get filter system and setup.

  • William T 6 months ago

    Very nice shots. I like the comparison of different shutter speeds. Thanks for sharing.

  • Davy Scales 6 months ago

    Inspiring video nice that you could share this.

  • Neville Jones 6 months ago

    WOW,, Am I glad I found you and your shooting ideas today,,, I'm with you for sure.. And it's good to see a fellow Aussie on utube doing photography.. Nifty,,,

  • Ryan Wyckoff 6 months ago

    Andrew, great video and excellent compositions. Your final photos were beautiful. I was curious what lens/filter setup you use when shooting seascapes?

  • steve ward 6 months ago

    Just subscribed Andrew, i'm from Perth as well. I've taken countless shots at Burns and can vouch for the wind at times. Love the shots you're getting from our local spots.

  • EastAnglianTrains 6 months ago

    You are an inspiration, I love watching your videos, and your enthusiasm for photography shines through in each one.


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