Mom Beautifully Transforms Old Garden Shed To Escape Husband And Kids, For Less Than $1400

Sonia Walker was itching to escape her “male-dominated” household in Northamptonshire, England.

After years of living with her husband Andrew and their two grown sons, this ambitious wife, mother and college worker was ready for a girly change.

The old shed in their back garden was falling apart, but a brand new one was way out of their price range — so Andrew agreed to transform their run-down shed into something special for Sonia’s 50th birthday present.

However, no one expected Sonia to turn the empty shed into a mini mansion of absolute luxury.

Sonia cut her design costs by sourcing decor — like antique furniture, candelabras, paintings, a grandfather clock and a record player — from charity shops and car boot sales. There’s even a fireplace!

Best of all? The shed was completed for under 00! Just incredible.

These days, Sonia loves escaping to her shed to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea with girlfriends.
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