Plants For Hanging Baskets In Arizona

In the colder areas of Arizona, the north country of Flagstaff and the high country of the Mogollon rim, hanging plants must be kept inside during the months of fall and winter. In the desert, hanging plants grow outside all year long, although most must be protected on the rare night of frost. Check hanging plants for water every day during the hot summer months.

Ivy Geranium
Geranium flowers on a vine rather than on an upright bush, ivy geraniums do well in planters. The flowers clusters are a bit smaller than on upright geraniums. Colors include pink, white, red and purple. Often the flowers will be streaked with a contrasting color. Ivy geraniums need shade from the hot afternoon Arizona shade. They do best in late winter and spring.

Sweet Potato Vine
Once sweet potato vines get going they grow to 20 or more feet long. Propagate the vine by taking a cutting and rooting in water. The leaves are loped, 4-inches long and 3-inches wide and chartreuse green. Purple sweet potato vine is a deep dark purple. It grows a bit slower than the green variety. Both grow in dappled shade and direct sunlight. The vines break easily so keep them in a protected place. Trim to keep the vines contained. As long as there is no frost sweet potato vines keep growing all year long.

Bacopa vines are have small dark green leaves and bright white tiny flowers. Several varieties have blue flowers. Plant both in one container for a showy basket. Bacopa grows slowly but steadily. It does not recover from wilting, so keep well watered. It needs sunlight to blossom but doesn’t like the heat. In Arizona it’s best grown in an eastern exposure. Use it to grow over the sides of a raised planter as well as from hanging baskets.

Petunias are ideal for a hanging planter in the sun as long as it’s well-watered. If the soil has pulled away from the sides of the pot, submerge the entire pot in water until it stops bubbling. Dead head spent blossoms to keep the petunia blooming. Combine petunias with a taller plant such as snapdragons for contrast.

Several succulents grow in containers and have a trailing habit. Burro’s tail has overlapping oval shaped trailing cylinders. Lipstick plant has bright pink flowers that look like a tube of lipstick when in bud. Ice plant blooms in red, purple, pink and yellow.

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