Canon EOS Adventure – Portrait- and Landscape Photography 1/4

Canon EOS Adventure - Portrait- and Landscape Photography 1/4

1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Photography Basics

3. The Art of Landscape Photography

4. Secrets of Successful Portraiture

5. After the Shot

6. Things to Try Now

Control, power, creativity – Canon empowers photographers to take the next step

As the leading brand in imaging, Canon has a strong heritage of supporting users on their imaging journey, whether that be upgrading from a compact camera to a DSLR, or experimenting with different shooting scenarios such as low light. The new campaign reflects this and Canon’s brand vision of helping people realise the ‘Power of Image’.

‘Power to your next step’ is a campaign that brings to life Canon’s commitment to empower consumers to take their ‘next step’ in imaging” said Nigel Taylor, Consumer Imaging Marketing Communications Director, Canon Europe. “We want to inspire and support everyone in taking their ‘next step’, whether it be in photography, shooting video or printing special moments. Canon has a product suitable for every step, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.”
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  • JClar72 6 months ago

    Thank you for the video, I enjoyed it. My question is that I want to start taking more pictures on a regular basis and learn more about the principles and develop skills in photography. My only experience is filming and taking pictures with a digital camera that i bought 2 years ago, but it's very basic. What camera would you recommend for someone starting out?

  • Tyrone Daroca 6 months ago

    Too much topic in one video. Would've been better if the basics were in a different video, portrait on another video and landscape on another video. Tss throwing every fruit in one basket. You mean indie photographers do better tutorial than the official canon team?

  • DubsMood 6 months ago

    Digital Noise @ high ISO is definately not pleasant. It does not behave and nor is as moody like Film Noise…


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