30 Best Gadgets and Accessories for Landscape Photography

http://improvephotography.com/37431/25-must-landscape-photography-accessories-gadgets/ On this episode of Tripod, we talk about the best gadgets and accessories for landscape photography.


  • Puneet Tewary 6 months ago

    uselesss stuff.
    just crap.

  • Travis Lucas 6 months ago

    Your comment about using your drone to take the Ansel Adams – Snake River Overlook in Grand Teton National Park shot is interesting. I think about it a fair bit myself. However just in case you didn't know. Drones are not permitted in National Parks or within a 5 mile radius of the nearest airport. For those two reasons we can't get that shot. I have been trying to get in touch with the park service as well as the airport to see if there would be a permit that could help us in this circumstance.

  • Nathan Hass 6 months ago

    was interested in the jacket you're talking about..the way you describe it, sounds better then my $170 north face… but the link on the description loads to a blank screen..

  • Cem Bond 6 months ago

    Useless. Stupid. Pollute. Fat.

  • D700Replacement 6 months ago

    Stop throwing your hands all over the place and hold objects still when you're showing them.  I can't believe how many people still don't get these basic blogging skills.

  • Pica - Gear 6 months ago

    Just found this vlog.. Great stuff guys!

  • Tony Estrada 6 months ago

    Please ingest a whole can of atmosphere aerosol or use the rope to hang yourself. Retarded!!!

  • Renberg 6 months ago

    I bought one of those very light weight jackets when I was in NZ last year, but mine is also water proof. It is so awesome.

  • Nick Romero 6 months ago

    Thanks guys! Great tips

  • Yaman Yamaner 6 months ago

    "Best" for you. I suppose you do usually play with the equipment & software rather than taking real photos. Food & water? Fog spray? Really?
    Ansel Adams had all these with him, in his truck, you know. Galen Lowell, too.

  • Hugo Da Palma 6 months ago

    Starting with aerosol…. landscape photography means to be in synchronized with nature and you shouldn't know what is that for sure by recommending aerosol in a public channel. Sorry for my honesty.

  • Eclectic Jon 101 6 months ago

    30 best gadgets. Food and water. Really? You should have mentioned putting shoes on your feet as well.

  • Duncan McNaught 6 months ago

    Must dash, away over to Amazon to purchase a cheap crap jacket for my photography, really… ?? yawn

  • Tyler Harney 6 months ago

    Did you ever figure out what the name of the coat was? The blog post doesn't mention it.

  • edamamebe 6 months ago

    too much taking…

  • rhodesphotoco 6 months ago

    Great Video! I use many of these items or similar to cope with the same issues. I find it helpful to go big on flashlights, I use a compact spotlight to help find foreground elements, light-paint large areas, and locate wildlife (I once lit up a mountain lion who was watching me from about 50 meters while shooting at 3 a.m.!) I also have a small LED headlamp for close work so as not to burn my night vision. A small survival kit should be required if you venture far from civilization, as well as at least a cursory knowledge of wilderness survival just in case. As far as gadgets go, a DC converter for the car is great for keeping everything charged, and the add-on app Skyfire for TPE is a life changer for not missing the best sunrises/sunsets. Instead of rain-gear, I often use disposable shower caps filched from hotels; nothing is more lightweight, they cover your camera and lens in about 2 seconds and stay on in the wind (up to a point), and most hotels will just give a handful of them if you ask nicely. Also, as far as remote shutter releases go, SMDV doesn't get enough love, the RFN-4s is probably my most indispensable little gadget. I usually have a shutter remote dangling around my neck on a paracord wherever I go.

  • Freddie Slaughter 6 months ago

    What tripod ball head is the best for under $100?

  • Aaron Hilke 6 months ago

    TPE is awesome, but you missed one if its most time saving features. there is an add on app for it called Skyfire (it only works in the continental US) it basically judges the weather reports and predicts the likely hood of a good sunset or sunrise. I've found it extremely accurate after using it for the last 9 months or so.

  • The R's Movies 6 months ago

    you can also use your body- and lensendcap for your sd cards

  • Wayne Evans 6 months ago

    Be careful with that rope, it is really poor quality, don't hang off it.


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