Landscape Photography Composition: Tips by Joseph Holmes Joseph Holmes, a Berkeley-born landscape photographer who’s been a fine art photographer since the late 1960’s, joins us today on Advancing Your Photography to share his photo composition tips! Joseph’s goal is to take pictures that change people’s outlook on the world, and composition is the most important tool a photographer has, especially in landscape photography as it is one of the few factors you can control.
So how does one take a life-changing photo? Holmes says that you need to work very hard and explore every photography technique so you can recognize “the shot” when you see it. His composition tip is one that many beginners forget: don’t ignore the edges of your photos! Watch the full interview for these tips and more on taking landscape photos! check out his website

A Silber Studios Production

0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Joseph’s Approach on Photography
2:13 – Joseph’s Biggest Inspiration as a Photography
3:15 – Sparked a Passion for Photography
3:52 – Composition Tips
4:40 – Histogram Tips
6:14 – Emotions as a Photographer
7:42 – In Motion Tips
8:37 – Final Tips & Advice



  • Victor Martinez 6 months ago

    Intro is loud content is not

  • Ramtin Kazemi 6 months ago

    this guy clearly doesn't like to share info. which i respect! lol the bottom line is composition is almost EVERYTHING. if you don't get composition don't even bother spending money on good lens! get your composition right, then proceed!

  • Tony Connelly 6 months ago

    "Landscape Photography Composition Tips" from Joseph Holmes

    Let's review:
    1. Don't ignore the edges.
    2. Exhaust all the possibilities.
    3. If you are too close back up, too high, too far right, too far left, change, you know (watch video for directional hand gestures).
    4. It's a matter of understanding, intuitively, 3D space and how to arrange things to make a composition.
    5. Know before you go what a good composition is or what you think it is, recognize it, find it.

    Is there any kind of tip for how you are going to encapsulate all that and get that Jake Elmo flipping through the church image?

    It helps to
    A. Get the picture.
    B. Have someone else see it and like it. You know and say that's pretty awesome.

    Any final tips for photographers who want to just get better photographs?

    Be careful, work hard and do everything you can do to make your pictures better. It's not easy but if you are willing to invest what it takes… you know.

  • CoinGunnerTex 6 months ago

    Skip to 3:55 for the start of the tips, unless you want to hear about the Beatles for 4 minutes.

  • Advancing Your Photography 6 months ago

    Check out our video with Joseph Holmes on landscape photography.

  • BadDriversOfPlacerCounty 6 months ago

    how do I work for a magazine as a photographer?

  • Advancing Your Photography 6 months ago

    that's a phase one camera, with a viewer

  • Beto Azamar Photography 6 months ago

    4:51 What is he using here???

  • Mark Busacca 6 months ago

    Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @ Busacca Gallery .com

  • Advancing Your Photography 6 months ago

    try his website see link in description

  • Advancing Your Photography 6 months ago

    great thanks! got more on the way

  • Dmitrijs Malinovskis 6 months ago

    this is just amazing

  • Riley Goss 6 months ago

    Without Photoshop, I'd shoot film and do darkroom tricks.

  • aous poules 6 months ago

    Probably still is.

  • lethunder10 6 months ago

    What are the titles of your books and where can they be purchased?

  • tommy shreenan 6 months ago

    what would some of thees guys do without Photoshop ??????????

  • Callee Melina 6 months ago

    Hey! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My buddy Jacky made some stunning photos with their photography tutorials.

  • mohamed abdel-hady 6 months ago

    i have a question what are the steps needed to turn photography into career (landscapes and portraits mainly)??

  • James Franklin 6 months ago

    Yeah, really awesome shots. I want to really get into landscapes. These are the shots I want to be taking.

  • James Franklin 6 months ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. I'm actually stoned right now.


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