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The systemastic pruning is done in the summer and winter season separately. The key point of pruning in winter is to keep back the new wattle and the wattle that had the most flowers in last winter. Give up the aged wattle. This could make the plants younger, clear away some wattles that are mixed together and it is helpful to the good ventilation and sunlight. Meanwhile, it could clear up the shape of the plant and make it more beautiful. In the word, the overall rule is sufficient repruning.
According to the objects, the tools used in pruning are different, such as live branch scissor, deadwood scissor, rose scissor, high branch scissor, lawn scissor, hedge scissor and some other special tools, for example, saw which is used to deal with the thick limbs.
Weeding. The plants need the master’s careful cultivation and then they could grow healthily. To protect our beloved flowers and plants, weeding is a necessary job. Generally speaking, if there are several kinds of flowers and plants in your garden, or the area of your garden is relatively small, you could weed in the way of physical weeding. For example, you could use the weed shovel and grass eliminator. If the area of your garden is large or the plants and flowers are of many varieties, you could use the herbicide. According to the chemical composition, the herbicide could be divided into two kinds, organic and inorganic herbicide. There are many tools that could be used to weed, such as rootfork, weeding fork, weeding shovel and short handle hay knife, etc.
Loosen the soil. Loosening the soil benefits a lot to the flowers and plants. First, it could make the surface unhardened; second, it could make the plants ventilated; third, it could clear up or blend the polution on the pot. Flower shovel and flower rake both could be used to loosen the soil. According to the objects, we could choose the corresponding tools.
Cleaning the withered leaves. The tools used to clean the withered leaves are very simple, one nine peg-tooth harrow is enough.
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