Sale of Plant Assets

This video describes the transactions associated with selling plant assets. You can view playlists of my accounting videos at my channel: mattfisher64
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  • ayham rafaa 6 months ago

    Are you asking me hello

  • Jamaica Uitzetter 6 months ago

    Awesome videos, I´ve learned a lot from them!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to teach!

  • J Thao 6 months ago

    thank you so much to the much and the much and much much more. Really help and ring a bell on my brain.

  • Arora REN 6 months ago

    Very easy to understand and saves time! Helped me a lot as I'm preparing for final! Thanks a mil! Looking forward to more managerial accounting videos!

  • Mohammed Al Kathiry 6 months ago

    It's clear 👍


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