Best Garden Perennials, Lilium Lollypop (Asiatic Lily)

This Asiatic Lily variety (Lilium ‘Lollypop’) from Garden Splendor® is a perennial that adds a stately elegance to mixed beds and borders. A single potful looks wonderful on its own but it is especially nice in big, bold groups where it will establish and hold its own when mixed with other plants like perennials, shrubs and roses. The lovely pink color is a real eye-catcher! Join David Wilson in the Garden Splendor® nursery as he shows a group of these lovely lilies that is about to be sent to garden centers. He will explain more about their attributes and fill you in on the best way to plant and look after them for maximum performance. Lilium ‘Lollypop’ can be found at Garden Splendor® garden centers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.
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5) The Purple Emperor Butterfly Bush is a newer cultivar of Butterfly Bush that won’t crowd out its neighbors in your garden. It’s most valued for its superior ornamental features that are particularly attractive to butterflies. This bush grows to be about 4-5 feet, zones 5-9, and thrives in full sun.

4) Grosso Lavender, has attractive blue-green evergreen foliage. Hundreds of large purple flower spikes make an incredible display from mid to late summer. This long-stemmed beauty has the darkest blue-purple flower spikes of any of the French hybrid types. Grows to be 4-5 feet tall, zones 5-9, and thrives in full sun.

3. Clematis Jackmanii, is known for its broad petals and deep, rich purple color when its flowers first open up. The beautiful flowers transition from deep purple to a lighter violet as they get older. They bloom from midsummer to early fall. Zones 4-8, and thrives in full sun to partial shade.

2. Caesars Brother Iris, has rich, deep wonderful blue flowers with several blue-green leaves. They bloom from late spring into summer, and grow to be about 3 feet tall. This Iris is one of the most easily grown of its kind. It needs plenty of water throughout the season to looks its best. Zones 3-9, and thrives in full sun.

1) May Night Salvia, has bold purple stems loaded with violet-purple flowers which bloom from June into October. With its blue-gray foliage, it makes an attractive accent all summer long. It will grow to be about 18 inches. Zones 3-8, and thrives in full sun.
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