DIY 50 cent upside down tomato topsy-turvy planters Larry Hall inspired

Here is how I made a upside down or topsy turvy planter for tomatoes or strawberries from a 50 cent Wal-Mart bag. I have not seen anyone else do this , however, I got the idea of using Wal-Mart bags as planters or grow bags from Larry hall.
Larry has a great garden channel, if you subscribe to him, tell him I sent you.

The bag is super easy to make, just cut a hole big enough to pass the plant through and use thin soft packing foam sheets cut into 2 circles to cover the hole for the plant to keep the dirt inside the bag.
The open weave of the bag seems to make plants grow better than in a plain solid container as the roots get more air.
I have had a lot of luck making my own grow bags from landscape cloth and actual dirt bags by poking hundreds of small holes as seen in my videos. Please check out my lazy garden playlist, I think you will enjoy my garden videos and also videos I included from other youtubers who have made videos on low cost and time saving gardening.
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  • Willam E. 6 months ago

    you talk too much and not get to the project !other care wr could care less

  • sadhana trivedi 6 months ago

    my bell pepper buds are falling… wat should be done to prevent it from falling?

  • Terri Perkins 6 months ago

    Thanks so much for this DIY idea, this past summer I could not find the Topsy Turvy tomato growers that worked so great. Thanks for this great idea. Keep em coming!!!

  • This Prudent Gal 6 months ago

    Thanks, Robb!

  • Larry Hall 6 months ago

    Thanks For the Great Video and the Shout out!

  • ItSeemsDark 6 months ago

    what are the benefits to growing plants up side down?
    tnx for the answer 🙂


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