Roll Out Flower Garden Review

April in Austin and it is time to plant the garden- or maybe just “roll out” the garden? Check it out here- This particular As-Seen-On-TV Roll Out Flower Garden is the Butterfly / Hummingbird model that is supposed to have 20 different varieties of flowers. If all goes well, and it grows some flowers, I should see blossoms in about six weeks.
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  • Joseph Christian 6 months ago

    I used this type of plant roll and it is amazing. Was wild flowers and they are gorgeous. Put on the ground, cover with soil lightly, water and presto, flowers.

  • Nicky Beaulieu 6 months ago

    I looked for the part two.. to see if it worked and which worked better but I can't seem to find it

  • mime T 6 months ago

    how is it doing now?

  • Cedrone 6 months ago

    Why didn't you do the review on before and after? This does nothing.

  • Odessa Wright 6 months ago

    Did it work? 

  • djfix3160 6 months ago

    i got mine for 3 bucks at big lots

  • Garrity9290 6 months ago

    All I got was tons of weeds. Stay away from these Roll Out Flowers. Very disappointing.

  • sim k 6 months ago

    did it work for you?

  • TEXASNYC 6 months ago

    I got it for $6 at Odd Lot. I will cover with top soil tomorrow because I already put in down one day ago. Thanks for posting.

  • SkittllesAndTea 6 months ago

    Central Texas? That's where I am! 😀


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