Solar Garden Sconce – solar light mod and 3d printed mount

New LED’s and a 3D printed mount for a dollar store solar stake light.

For a buck these lights aren’t bad, but I wanted something nicer to mount on the back fence. Swapped the stock LED’s for some better 5mm piranhas and changed the inductor to get some more power. I designed a quick sconce that would match the twist lock on the lights and replace the diffuser and stake. Made these on Memorial Day weekend so I used some patriotic colors.

You can grab the 3D files if you want to print your own here:

Solar controller: YX8018
Original inductors: 470μH (~1.4mA)
New inductors: 32μH and 39μH (~6.6mA)

Fillament: eSun PETG in Red, Natural and Blue
printed at 0.250mm layer height, 240°C

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  • Richard 7 months ago

    cool Dan nice to see. Those "joule thief" circuits can be tricky can't they? Thanks Big Clive!
    The cheap ones I opened used discretes just like Clives cct. I had trouble with cheap solar panels and glued on wires. . The diode pulse current might be quite a lot greater than 5ma avg?

  • Дмитрий Ылов 7 months ago

    Все измерил, все проверил…. держи лайк.


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