(73) Happy Garden – hammer technique

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In this painting I used:
A plastic spoon – forget it, doesn’t work well (Try a metal spoon instead)
Apple Barrel Cloudless as my base coat – http://amzn.to/2rU0q18
Assorted colors of Art Alternatives paints (available from Blitsy here – http://shareasale.com/m-pr.cfm?merchantid=55703&userid=682801&productid=679229339&afftrack=ap-blog)
A hammer !
10 inch square canvas (from Art Alternatives multi-pack – http://amzn.to/2st9Duz)

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  • Tracey Platt 4 months ago

    This would look amazing on a big canvas!

  • Bettie Grace Miner 4 months ago

    Blowing on it produces similar results but a little messier. I use an air compressor but it really splatters if you're not careful.

  • Rod Templeton 4 months ago

    Hi Deby. I love this – so pretty! Cheers, DEB T

  • joseph stanley 4 months ago

    Ok I need to comment this in the group as well but this just makes me think a little hammer test to see if you like the colors before you paint 💡
    Thank you and great piece

  • Cyndi Combs 4 months ago

    What fun and so colorful! The red slaps in the beginning, remind me of lovely red poppies. I just might try that and add some dark centers to them! Thank you for the inspiration and the fun!

  • Natalie Rostaddesjarlais 4 months ago

    Love it Deb! Good thing you got the cat out of the way this time! 😉

  • Stephanie Bargelski 4 months ago

    I LOVE the flowers!!

  • Barbara J 4 months ago

    I love listening to you and watching your videos. I had to laugh when you said it went all over your stomach. I think it turned out great. I have read some suggestions for using a child's toy hammer, but I have never tried it. I think it would be really pretty with the metallic or iridescent paints. I have wondered what it would do to pour your puddles then cover it with plastic wrap before hitting it. maybe I'll try that outside sometime. Anyhow fun video. Thanks.

  • Tara Gillen-Howie 4 months ago

    @Deby I absolutely adore you and your enthusiasm! This was FUN! Thank you so very much! Life is simply too short, not to have FUN😍

  • BlaizC 4 months ago

    I was giggling through this video like you were giggling through the last one. It looked like so much fun! Too bad you can't just peel it off of the canvas and use the skins to make some jewelry — some of the combos and cells are extraordinary and would look great in jewelry.

  • Maria Cruz 4 months ago

    I actually love it! Can't wait to try this🤗

  • gr8eft 4 months ago

    It's so much fun watching you have fun !! It came out great !! You gotta try using balloons, that's fun too !! (make the balloons squishy instead of hard)

  • Nicky James Burch 4 months ago

    Love the effects the hammer creates! 👍💛

  • Lou Phillips 4 months ago

    The reds yellows oranges seem to work really well, thanks for the giggles 😀 x

  • jutta lio 4 months ago

    It's got potential. To create a look like this you can use waterbaloons. Not so noisy.
    If I would use a hammer to paint, my neighbors would kill me. LOL

  • Draw Tangles with Dawn 4 months ago

    I'm thinking some bigger puddles and a fly swatter or even a palatte knife would make interesting splats

  • Kathie gillaspie 4 months ago


  • Michelle Laforme 4 months ago

    Looks great!

  • Charlotte phillips 4 months ago

    That looked like so much fun. The flowers are lovely.

  • katmom49 4 months ago

    Pretty pansies!


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