Birdnest Ferns ARE Tree Ferns This video shows how the common birdnest fern (Asplenium nidas), is actually a type of tree fern, and that it can be grown in the ground as a landscape specimen.
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  • Gayo Coffee Farm 4 months ago

    Hallo. Do you like Birdnest Ferns. If you have time please come to my village at Dataran Tinggi Gayo Sumater Indonesia. You can find anywhere Birdnest Ferns such as in coffee garden. If I have time I will record video and show to you. Usually it grow on the trees

  • Shaukat Islam 4 months ago

    Hi Randy…. do you have any video on 'how to germinate the spores'?

  • Arafo PlayzYT 4 months ago

    Bird nest fern is the tree ferns my house was one too my is small

  • Sean Dorney 4 months ago

    The birds nest is a epiphyte prefers growing on rocks and trees and they don't naturally grow a trunk because the will spread their roots over the tree/rock and not in a tangle
    So birdnest ferns are not tree ferns .

  • Finch Gould 4 months ago

    It's "nidus", not "nidas"!

  • acsnowboarder13 4 months ago

    I'm growing one of these indoors and the leaves are turning brown and slightly transparent. And they smell horrible, any ideas as to what it is?

  • Doungdet Jaithuie 4 months ago

    Hi Randy,
    My birdnest is about 16 years old and the trunk is over 14 inches tall ground to crown and at least 10 inches across. I recon this is oldest fern I ever had.

  • killerbeau95 4 months ago

    i always loved seeing the birdsnest fern in parts of manoa on the albizia trees (supposed pest haha) also haiku valley under the h3 has a monkeypod so large and old it has many birdnest and other ferns atop its branches.

  • Toda Fifi 4 months ago

    bro …. how to grow it from the spores under the leaf?????

  • Randy's Tropical Plants 4 months ago

    Asplenium nidas has a distribution from Africa to Japan. It has many different phenotypes, and all are both terrestrial, and epihpytes. They all grow a trunk, that is a mass of roots, just like any other tree fern. If you were paying attention, it should have been apparent, that´╗┐ my argument wasn't that a terrestrial fern is a tree fern. Thanks for trying though.


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