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To enhance the safety of tractor transport operations, most of the tractors are equipped with installed air brake equipment. I remind hand agricultural machinery, tractors and equipment installed after the air brake safety issues still need attention.

One, to maintain cleanliness inside and outside the cylinder. Outer cylinder to maintain clean, Paint Falling off in time added after the paint to extend its service life. To maintain the internal cylinder cleaner, to avoid residual oil and water. Tractor work three days each, would need to unscrew the lower part of the exclusion cylinder Valve To gather the oil and gas cylinder excluding water clean, otherwise the oil and water gas cylinder will cause brake not working or can not brake. The barrel of oil for gas and water will enter the brake with the brake pipe and the brake chamber, affecting air circulation, contribute to the brake not working or can not brake.

Second, maintaining the proper air pressure. If the brake pressure is too low, there will be brake not working, to extend the braking distance, cause traffic accidents; if brake pressure is too high, due to brake too fast, not only would increase mechanical wear, cylinder load will result too large, causing air pump, cylinder damage, so the need to maintain proper air pressure. General requirements: just started, the air pressure at 4.5 kg / square centimeter or more; normal driving, the pressure does not exceed 7 kg / square centimeter. Such as the pressure more than 7 kg / cm, the cylinder should be heard on the sound deflation valve.

III trailer brakes should be adjusted to slightly ahead of the main car. Tractor trailers with large cargo weight, inertia is also large. If the trailer with the tractor while the main vehicle braking, and even the main vehicle tractor trailer early in the brake, the trailer and the powerful inertia of goods the main vehicle to promote the tractor, resulting in the direction of tractor main car out of control, deviation. Therefore, the trailer brakes should be adjusted to slightly ahead of the main car.

4, the main vehicle through the adjustment of the tractor while the four wheel brakes, four wheel trailer while braking. Tractor brake at high speeds, or emergency braking, such as the main vehicle or trailer is the right, left, front and rear wheel brake is not the same time, tractor suddenly deviation, severe sudden U-turn to the side, easily stuffed into a tractor rollover. Therefore, when the tractor right, left, front and rear wheel brake is not the same time, should be adjusted to four wheel tractor while the main vehicle braking, trailer brake at the same time the four wheels.

5, the brake should be flexible and effective. To ensure flexible and effective brake tractor, machine hand should do the following three points: 1. Check brake pipe connection before moving reliability. 2. Continuous testing several brake, the brake is flexible and effective. 3. Under the long slope, the pressure to ensure adequate, if the air pressure enough to stop the downhill before the cheering, until sufficient pressure again when traveling downhill.

6, braking operation method to be correct. Brake under normal circumstances, first, the accelerator to reduce speed, and then separation “clutch” step foot brake pedal, smooth stop, put the gear lever placed in neutral gear. An emergency stop should be the accelerator at the same time, rapid Diansha kicks, and then “brake”, “clutch” pedal is depressed at the same time, other safety stop, put the gear lever at neutral position.

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