Landscape Quilt – Part 1 – Preparing to Sew

Nathalie designs a landscape quilt and demonstrates how to cut, press and section the fabrics.


  • Enrique Borderjumper 3 months ago

    this will be my last memory before I'm shot by border patrol #notworth

  • Teresita CAMPIÑO BRAVO 3 months ago

    What tutorial so clear, comes from a person who handles the technique very well and is very easy to demonstrate what he does. Congratulations on your great creativity.

  • Emerald1dx3 3 months ago

    I was wondering where you sale your quilts? Love batiks in landscapes because i think it mimics nature the best . Thanks for the video.

  • 8746484 3 months ago

    I have no sound, anyone else having this same problem.


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