An Artistic Retreat-Decorated Shed’s Range of Garden Buildings

A garden is often the place we go to escape and take timeout from the domestic events that occur in the household or simply the thoughts that crowd the mind. A breath of fresh air accompanied by an eyeful of nature’s green splendour can be just the tonic we need to banish the blues.


Nature is often overlooked as a potent and influential force upon mood, inspiration and energy. As a company, Decorated Shed recognise the garden’s existing qualities, developing a range of garden buildings that allow the natural environment to be appreciated in the security, comfort and luxury of stylish architecture that compliments rather than detracts from its setting.


The versatility that represents the very structures of each design can be embraced through the array of activities it can house. From the simple and unobtrusive act of reading to the more affective act of playing a musical instrument, each garden building can add another aspect to a house and family, by which a space can be dedicated to a favourite past time.


Artistic pursuits can also be realised in the light filled spaces of a garden office or studio. Nature’s inspirational components such as birdsong, sky and even the water’s reflection can stir emotion and free up the imagination to continually feed the creative process. Whether a garden room is used to sketch the natural surroundings, the form and twists of a tree, an autumn burst of golden colour or morning mist, the garden directly or indirectly becomes a muse. Other activities can include needle work, ranging from cross stitch and tapestries to knitting and crochet. The daylight that pours into every garden studio makes it an ideal area in which to sew in detail, thread needles and preserve eye strain. The soothing environment also marries well with this relaxing hobby, providing a soundboard of tranquillity that can lead to some of your best craftsmanship.


A passion for writing could also be moved into the quiet setting of the garden. Complete with a laptop or pen and paper, a writer could work indoors without feeling shut away from the world. In warmer months the tri fold or sliding doors available on garden office designs can open out the garden so that fresh air fills the space and energises the writer’s ideas, preventing writer’s block which is more likely to occur if an environment does not stimulate the mind. Luckily, the movement and life within a garden makes for an ever-changing setting that provokes thought in one form or another.


A garden building will make an immeasurable difference to a lifestyle; acting as a getaway or retreat, where personal time and peace can be relished. The freedom to spend your time the way you want to makes a garden building so appealing. Near enough the main house to be secure but far enough away to escape the stresses that running a household invariably presents. A garden building is an investment in both time and state of mind.


Francesca McGlone

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