Preformed Garden Ponds – A Simple Way To Improve Your Garden’s Decor

Anyone wishing to attract wildlife to their garden or who would like to make their garden decor more attractive without having to spend a lot of time and effort, should think about adding preformed garden ponds to their garden.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend you can find many inexpensive kits. These kits will allow you to easily relocate your garden pond should you have to for some reason. A composite material is used to make these preformed garden ponds as well as the pond liner.

You want to start out by digging a hole where you would like to place your pond. Set the pond liner into the hole. You will need a pump to circulate the water, so consider locating the pond close to your house to reduce the amount of wiring that you will need.

Whenever you have water close to an electrical device you run the risk of getting a shock. To help eliminate this use a ground fault interrupter, or GFI, in the circuitry of the pump.

You need to inspect your property for low areas to keep rainwater runoff from getting into your pond. The last thing you want to do is put your pond in a part of your garden which is lower than the rest. If you put your pond in a low lying spot, lawn chemicals, such as fertilizers, can be washed into your garden pond and contaminate it.

Try to avoid this whenever possible. If you plan out the location of your pond ahead of time, it can keep you from having to move it later on. Depending on where your plants are located in your garden, you may need to relocate some of them away from your pond. If you have large trees or if there are tree roots growing in the location of your pond you will probably have to move your pond somewhere else. If you don’t want to put your pond somewhere else, you will have to cut the tree roots and then put something in place to prevent them from growing back. It is best to not cut the tree down because it will create some nice shade for your pond.

When you are ready to install the pond liner, just place it on the ground in the location where your pond will be. Get some wooden stakes and hammer them vertically into the ground around the outside of the liner. Take some string or rope and wrap it around the base of the stakes to form an outline of the liner.

When you’ve done that, take the pond liner and move it to side so it will be out of the way and start digging the hole for your pond. Make sure to keep the sides of the hole vertical. Now take your liner and place it in the hole.

Find a straight piece of wood and place it across the liner then, using a carpenter’s level, check the level of the pond liner. Then turn the wood 90 degrees and check the level in the other direction.

Put sand into the hole under the liner and the sides of the liner and make sure you pack it in nice and tight. This will support the pond liner in the hole. When you are done packing the sand in, re-check the level of the pond in both directions to make sure it is still level.

Now that that’s done you can decorate your pond. An easy way to enhance the attractiveness of preformed garden ponds is by placing some clean pebbles into the bottom of the pond. One layer is all you need. Adding some solar powered lights will make it look nice at night without driving up your electric bill. If you want to give if a more organic look consider placing some stones or plants around it.

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