Hydroponics window garden part 2.m4v

Part 2 to my hydroponics system starting seeds and getting them going before they are put into the window system. lettuce seeds placed inside rockwool and watered with some worm casting tea. I will keep adding videos the more they develop and grow.
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Hydroponics Window Garden part 1.m4v

Build my first Hydroponic system and would love to get some feedback or advice. Also check out Windowfarm.org
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  • freedog37 2 months ago

    Very cool i like it different…

  • Mary Kovarna 2 months ago

    Can't wait for the salad!

  • R3VOLUTIONARY 2 months ago

    how did you get them all to drip slowly at the same rate?

  • kovakyl 2 months ago

    @AbbyPrints Yeah i have a timer with the plug in and will pry start out having it run ever other half hour during day and see how that goes… Im gonna be using worm casting tea for the nutrients and it will cycle. I shouldnt have any wast with it the only thing that i am gonna have to regulate is the ph every week or two. Im gonna start with some lettuce and peppers i think and will have more videos to come as it develops

  • AbbyPrints 2 months ago

    It looks awesome,! are you going to add a timer? or how are you going to contol wasting water, if at all happening?


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