Landscape Photography Challenge: One Subject, One Lens, Three Compositions

Landscape Photography Challenge: One Subject, One Lens, Three Compositions

A short yet useful video, I think where you get to see three compositions of the same subject and at the end please choose which one you like best and why. This is to show you that there is no right or wrong in photography but it’s more about what you like! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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  • Henry Fitzthum 5 months ago

    Got me thinking what image 4 composition would of been like, at this stage image 2 is still my pick, would you of gone portrait with same amount of woods and foreground as image 2 ?

  • Ruben Bellanger 5 months ago

    As most have already commented… the second composition is the best.

    Maybe because of the post processing, maybe because you've got more information about what's going on around the subject, maybe because of the 'landscape' format. But it definitely jumps out as the best.

  • Marieta Tsoukoukou 5 months ago

    Hi Toma, the second one was the best out of the 3. I think it gives more context to the subject of landscape photography. Somehow the first one felt as a snapshot that someone who doesn't know much about photography would shoot. The third one was too tight for my liking, but I do like to shoot wide so this is why I am drawn to the second. Nice idea though, it reminds me of a similar video you have done earlier but it kind of seemed rushed. Anyway, all the best as usual!

  • Photografia Australis 5 months ago

    Number 2 because it tells a broader story.

  • Janusz B 5 months ago

    Hi Tom, great idea! For me the best is composition 2, very well balanced, I think composition 3 would be better with more to the right side of the stream but this only in my eyes 😉

  • bourrafon 5 months ago

    Thanks i really like this video

  • pascal van kerschaever 5 months ago

    Love number 2

  • allan sisson 5 months ago

    I like the second, it seems to call me to visit this spot.

  • oddbjørn austevik foto. 5 months ago

    Neat challenge! I went back and forth on number two and three. Ultimately I ended up on number three. But that’s just my taste!

  • Mike Robertson 5 months ago

    I prefer the second shot from the low angle. To me it just looks a bit more dramatic and intimate.

  • Tomas Dov 5 months ago

    wow amazing.Nice post processing. You have plans to make some post processing videos?:)

  • Hwee Boon Tan 5 months ago

    All three images work for me. But I'll go for the 3rd composition if really need to choose one. Most of the time I find landscape images composed in portrait mode work better for me (except panoramic shot), I also do not know why, maybe because portrait mode exaggerate depth better, and I like how my eyes were being lead from the bottom all the way to the top of the image.

  • Alistair McNaughton 5 months ago

    The 2nd image was the best. It seemed to fit the frame the best.

  • John Sanders 5 months ago

    I liked the way you worked the different angles of the same composition. I liked all the results, to me the lesson is to experiment.

  • Tom T 5 months ago

    Very good video, Tom. I really like the low perspective (photo no.2) as it leads viewer's eyes further to the forest while first and third offer almost like a bird's eye perspective and it is not drawing one in to the environment. In case of 2nd photo you feel like standing there surrounded by the forest. Great work!

  • Andy Poole 5 months ago

    Tom, you said one lens, but didn’t say what it was, hopefully it was a prime, as if it was a zoom, I wouldn’t class that as using one lens, as the focal length variance will equate to multiple lenses. Please can you confirm? In reference to the images, I prefer the low intimate shot.

  • Reha Mazlum 5 months ago

    second composition is the best one !

  • Emma Rose Photography 5 months ago

    Definitely the low angle. It makes the viewer feel participatory with the landscape by drawing us in. The higher angle although beautiful doesn't have the same connection and the viewer feels more observational.

  • ishak wicamulia 5 months ago

    The second is the best ,..

  • Doug Edwards 5 months ago

    tough call — but between low angle and portrait – but leaning toward portrait – it makes a little stream look pretty impressive giving it a lot of depth.


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