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direct link: http://www.watergardeningdirect.com/acatalog/2009-Oase-Water-Jet-Lightning.html

Product information: Add a stunning and unusual display to your garden with the Oase Water Jet Lightning Display. The twin jet sets incorporate LED lighting, allowing the 8mm jets of water, which are up to 1.8m in length or 900mm in height, to be illuminated at night, further enhancing the effect. The integrated LED lights can be seen in the jets as they seamlessly change trough a series of colours, or if desired can be fixed on a single colour. The Oase Water Jet Lightning Display system can be electronically controlled with the supplied remote control, allowing different permanently set programs to be run. These programs vary in jet length and white or colour changing light displays. The high-quality stainless steel base can be screwed onto different substrates, which protects the device from tipping over, and can secures the unit allowing the jet to be adjusted to the desired angle. The Oase Water Jet Lightning Display set includes 2 x Water Jet with built in lights, energy efficient pump, control unit and transformer, 6m hose and remote control. The whole set is particularly energy efficient with a power consumption rating of only 410 watt. Thanks to the OASE Plug’n’Spray concept the Water Jet Lightning system is immediately ready for operation, without extensive installation. Each jet is supplied with 8m of cable, which connects to the 12v control unit, which is in turn connected via a 0.5m cable to the transformer, which has a 2m mains cable. The Remote Control can be used up to 80m away, provided there is a clear line of sight to the controller box.
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