Volunteer Gardener

Let’s take a dive into one of the most interesting mechanics in all of TF2…

Here is the rubric for my complete list of market gardening:
1.) Rocket Jumping
2.) Enemy Grenades
3.) Double Donked
4.) Enemy Stickies
5.) Enemy Rockets
6.) Getting Shot by everything at once
7.) Ramp Sliding
8.) Surfing
9.) High Jumping (what I call it)
10.) using BASE jumper
11.) using Halloween Bosses
12.) using Halloween Spells
13.) being Market Gardened
14.) Getting Stuck
15.) Pumpkin Jumping
16.) Inverted Viewmodel
17.) Overloading Beggar’s Bazooka
18.) Noclipping
19.) Force-a-Nature Jumping
20.) using a Grappling Hook
21.) using Auto/100% Crits (cheating)
22.) Teleporter Jumping
23.) using Teleporter Trampoline
24.) Sentry Rockets
25.) Sentry Knockback
26.) Edgebugging
27.) Airblasted
28.) B-Hopping
29.) Airblasted Explosives
30.) Supercharged CowMangler
31.) Spy-Jumping (as seen on various youtubers’ channels)
32.) Teleport-Syncing

Haywyre – Back and Forth https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/haywyre-back-and-forth
Laura Mvula – She (Eagles For Hands Remix) https://soundcloud.com/lauramvula/laura-mvula-she-eagles-for
**I do not own any of the rights to the songs used in this video. *Please support their great music!*

A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me over these past couple months! Some of them were pretty overly complicated XD
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