My Cacti Seedlings from my ‘How to grow Cacti from seed’ video update

Here is an update on my cacti seedlings that I have grown from seed 11 months ago. Please read my Blog + see photos of these here:
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  • anel triana 1 month ago

    i want tobe like you any idea where to start?

  • multiplenoirgasm 1 month ago

    Oh my god I need you here. I can't tell if I'm having problems or doing it right or if I'm right on track

  • madnurse100 1 month ago

    wonderful job you have done. one question why did the seeds not get air as you zipped the bags tightly for three months, what did they do for oxygen?? Thank you.

  • texasviking1 1 month ago

    Very nice peyote's!

  • HisDukeNess 1 month ago

    I wish I could grow Lophophora williamsii without the fear of going to jail

  • Keidy Bonilla 1 month ago

    Hy Lynn, I was wondering if you have ever grown succulents from seeds, I ordered some succulent seeds and and haven't really been successful with all of them, do you have any advice on how to grow them??

  • starsalike 1 month ago

    do you have an email? i have been considering beginning to grow cacti and succulents for a few months and would love some pointers on how to start!

  • Portus 1 month ago

    After the 3 months when they are out of the bag, how often should you water them? I have some lophophoras almost a year old but I was a bit too enthusiastic about watering and one started to rot, so I stopped watering them and they seem totally fine now, but i'm hesitant to water now.

  • Ariel Christiansen 1 month ago

    Ugh Lynn I am so envious of your peyote seedlings they're adorable! Sadly I can't grow peyote cacti because they're illegal to own any part of here in the US. 😭 SO CUTE. Why must plants be illegal…. I can understand for invasive reasons but not for the others.

  • Bob Troti 1 month ago

    Have you ever tried mescaline?

  • victor jr. ampongan 1 month ago

    it is okay if you doesn't put the soil in the microwave?, because I don't have a microwave

  • Pro День 1 month ago

    Such a fantastic video 🙂
    I am growing cacti from seed too

  • Christy Beltem 1 month ago

    Hi! I was wondering what would happen if I used bags when I grew succulents from seeds? Have you tried this? Any tips for beginners like me? What are the best kinds of succulents to get? (That is, if you know anything about them) Thanks! 😊

  • FAYE MARTIN 1 month ago

    ur really good with cacti

  • Marcus Meier 1 month ago

    Just started growing what I thought to be San Pedro cacti from seed, although the sprouts don't look like San Pedro.. does anyone have any young Pedro baby pictures I can compare with?

  • gunterx music/games 1 month ago

    This is sooo happy ^v^

  • Bella Kay 1 month ago

    Hi Lynn I was wondering if you could give me any tips on watering the seedlings when out of the bag. As I am not watering my other cacti at the moment I'm a little stuck on what to do

  • Chigbert 1 month ago

    I am just stunned at how amazing your Arizona Queen of the Nights look. I was told once that the climate here is optimal maybe once every 30 or so years for these plants to really take off from seeds. I think seeing how yours did in a bag for almost a year, gives me a clue what that means.

  • Arif Khan 1 month ago

    i have to admit I've been wanting Peniocereus greggii seeds for a while. Do you sell? ill pay. just recently germinated my Kakteensamen mixed in 1 week. i'm a cacti daddy lol. So fun and rewarding too x

  • The Grumpy Gardener 1 month ago

    Looking good, decided I am going to start my collection from seed and see how I get on!! What is the best month to sow the seeds in my polytunnel


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