My Fall garden…’A Festival of Pumpkins’…Decorating with Pumpkins in your Garden

My Fall garden...'A Festival of Pumpkins'...Decorating with Pumpkins in your Garden

‘Festival of Pumpkins’ in my fall garden…

I Love to decorate my garden for the seasons. Fall is no exception, especially when it comes to PUMPKINS!

Nothing enhances my garden more this time of year than their vibrant array of colors, shapes and warmth. Pumpkins combined with gourds, mums, grasses, Chinese lantern plants and other ‘fall’ accents bring a cozy and inviting feel to my garden. With little effort, (except for the effort of collecting all the pumpkins) you too can decorate your garden with colorful pumpkins.

I must warn you though, it is fun and addictive! Of course, I tend to go a little over the top with pumpkins in my garden, but that’s what makes it ‘festive’.

Hope my ‘Festival of Pumpkins’ inspires you to add some to your garden…..

Note: All photo’s, fall garden decor, containers and wreaths were designed and made by …ME…”The Graceful Gardener”.

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