Why You Should Choose a Cedar Garden Shed

When you are considering buying or building a shed for your yard, you might be wondering why you should consider a cedar garden shed. Aside from the fact that it is one of the most beautiful woods available, the timber also has some very special properties. This type of wood has long been used in closets for the wonderful aroma and its pest repellent properties.

Any type of structure will look good in cedar. It is a beautiful wood that lends itself to any type of architectural design. It has long been treasured for its use in both indoor and outdoor products. This is a fine-grained wood that offers both beauty and durability which makes it a good value for the money.

Cedar is one of the few woods that has virtually no pitch or resin. This allows the timber to accept a wide variety of finishes. You can use stains on the lumber to show the rich, fine-grained texture or use paint to cover the lumber completely. When it is used unfinished you can expect the colors of the wood to run from soft amber to deep sienna brown.

You will find any combination of those colors as well as all brown tones in-between on this beautiful lumber. Because of the unique beauty of the fine-grained wood, many people choose to either use a clear varnish on cedar. Another way to finish off the lumber is to leave it unfinished and just sand it smooth. This allows the natural beauty and aroma of the cedar to stay fresh.

One of the nicest things about cedar is the fact it is so easy to work with. With a low density and small amount of shrinkage, it is one of the most stable woods to work with. It also tends to stay very straight and hold nails or screws tightly once they have been used to fasten the wood to the frame. Since it contains natural preservatives that resist insect, decay and moisture damage. It offers a greater value for its price because of all its unique qualities.

The unique aroma comes from thujaplicins that occur naturally in the heartwood of cedar. Thujaplicins help make this type of wood resistant to insects and fungi that cause decay to occur. As it is so resistant to so many things, it makes it a wonderful choice for a garden shed. Cedar garden sheds will last a long time due to the properties of the wood.

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