Making the Most Out of Your Garden Shed

Maintaining a charming garden is hard work and, thus, requires an accessible amount of tools and supplies to keep it beautiful. However, depending on the size of your garden as well as the plants and flowers you have selected, these tools may begin to pile up as well as fertilizer, mulch and plant feed and therefore rob a much needed space within your home.

Consider building a garden shed in order to have easy access to the necessities of upholding your garden. Today’s styles ensure that the garden shed no longer means a large box on your lawn much to the disliking of your neighbors. Rather, a garden shed can be designed to appear as a small house, complete with windows and shutters.

When choosing your garden shed structure, be sure to select a wood that can resist the elements such as rain, snow and insect damage such as Cedar or Pine. The wood that you select will require a certain level of upkeep itself in order to keep it from rotting. Another option is to purchase a plastic shed. This may not be as appealing as the wood shed as it can tend to appear as a large children’s playhouse, but a thorough search could lead you to attractive plastic alternatives should you fear you will not be able to commit to the maintenance requirements of the wood.

Make your garden shed as functional as possible by mapping out exactly how you plan on utilizing it. A long day in the garden under an unforgiving sun may make it tempting to hurl the tools and bags of potting soil into the shed with promises to clean it later, but you will appreciate your shed more so by having a designated place for every tool and flower pot. Install shelves and hooks along the wall for a well organized layout of your tools and supplies, allowing easy access. By keeping supplies along the walls, you can also create enough room to store a lawn mower, hoses and a place to protect delicate lawn decorations during the harsh winter months.

You may elect to have your garden shed double as a summer guest house. This does not mean that your guests will be sleeping on a cot amongst garden sheers and fertilizer bags. Rather, expand on the garden shed to feature an adjacent small room, big enough for a bed and other corresponding furniture.

The size of your garden shed and its possibilities relies on just how much space you have to work with. It is most important that your shed is tasteful and practical in its design.

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