Couple’s Converted Garden Shed Small House

This is one couple’s Converted Garden Shed small house.

500 sq. ft.
Created from old garden shed

Images via Deirdre

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  • Keyana Fulcher 3 weeks ago

    I'm looking at doing the same thing with this same building, what size is this one?

  • Sassyche 3 weeks ago

    how can I get floor plans. I've seen this shed and plan on saving and buying cash in 3 years. I've been fighting cancer and winning. but the medical bills are killing us so that is the next battle. We can't afford to stay in our current house

  • henimsay 3 weeks ago

    Whoa, this is a nice home shed!

  • melonie2480 3 weeks ago

    What garden shed did they buy? From what company?


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