Make a Man Cave Out of a Garden Shed

Garden sheds are not only for gardening tools anymore! In fact, these sheds are very versatile and can be utilized for anything from storage to a man cave. That is, if the man isn’t looking to park his 1955 Thunderbird inside!

The difference between garden sheds and garages or barns is that they are smaller and can be hauled in one piece on the back of the truck. They can be lowered from the back of the truck to the location it has been decided it shall sit and then simply leveled. There is no need for any concrete work.

Therefore, these little sheds can easily be used for many things other than gardening tools and accessories. A garden shed could easily store all the Christmas, Halloween, and Easter decorations. The possibilities are as varied as the interests and hobbies a person may have. Maybe you like to draw or paint; or perhaps writing is your passion. A garden shed would make a great little place to keep supplies and most of all, a place away from the everyday hustle and bustle that provides a sense of solace and privacy, allowing the artist to create.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and there is sure to be one that would be suitable for a workshop. Interior organization will be the key to what your garden shed shall truly be used for and how well it fulfills the job. A workshop might have a work bench or benches with peg boards above hold tools. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination.

They need only have a front door if they are to be used only for storage, but if the shed is actually going to be used for a hobby it might be wise to select a style which sports a window or two to allow for extra light. Electric can be as simple as running an industrial outdoor electric cord from an outside outlet, like from your home, to the shed. Or, if you wish, something more permanent could be installed.

Since garden sheds are not bolted down onto a concrete footing, they can easily be moved to a different location should your needs change. The small interior plan can easily be rearranged to change as your interests change.

These sheds are not nearly as expensive as building a barn or a garage. If there are several within your family who take their hobbies very seriously, there is no law against having more than one garden shed! You might paint, your spouse might do woodwork, your son might be a roller blade enthusiast, and your daughter might enjoy making pottery. Last, but not least, Grandpa might be a gardener! The possibilities are endless.

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