Seedling day 14 to 21

My friend recently germinated some seeds he found in his bag. He was hoping of get one last grow before the weather changed. Unfortunately, the weather change came quick and without warning. His seedlings will not make it through the cold 50° F nights in the San Fernando valley. He decided to give them to me. I gladly took in the little orphans.
The seedlings are of an unknown strain. The seedlings were in out door soil mix.

This is a full grow series. I will record and upload a video on these plants once a week.

Thanks for watching!
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  • Uteli 3 weeks ago

    Im seedling 2

  • anonym guy 3 weeks ago

    You don't give them any darkness?

  • Duarte Sousa 3 weeks ago

    How many w are this light mate ? Thanks

  • Hallucinogenichusky 3 weeks ago

    the higher the humidty the better the growth.VPD mate. you want 75-85% at around 25c

  • Shaun Randall 3 weeks ago

    why 24 hours?

  • C-WILL OnTheClouds Photography Photo Story's 3 weeks ago

    What lights do you recommend and how far apart do you keep it

  • Christopher Patterson 3 weeks ago

    Can I use a 300 watt led for the young plant 1-7 days? How far above the plant?

  • Dj Dunn 3 weeks ago

    Hey what kind of lighting are you using?

  • Jesse Alty 3 weeks ago

    Hey man, iv just sprouted my first seed. and i just wanted to say your videos are really help full and detailed. I am going off your videos with my first grow. Also a quick couple of questions.
    1. do you know what strain the seeds were in this video?
    2. Was it good weed? haha

  • Lurony 3 weeks ago

    How often should I water my plants?

  • Kayla Galley 3 weeks ago

    Those are male plants bro

  • Marquez Pitts 3 weeks ago

    You sounded mad as hell at seedling 2 😂😂

  • joaquin lazatin 3 weeks ago

    hey bro can i ask what is the size of your set up ? what light do you use and how far away is it? thanks love the feeds !!

  • Vladimir Manson 3 weeks ago

    they so cutttteee! CX

  • DanKlordFOURTWENTY 28GsFG 3 weeks ago

    1:28 WHAT ARE THEM?!?!?!

  • Milligramms 3 weeks ago

    Hey mate,
    allow me that one question.
    Its not the first time i see it but in this case i actually know the specs of the lamp. (you wrote 300W in one of the comments)
    I cant get my head around the fact that your plants are almost hugging the lamp and you struggle to get a good temp.
    If my lamp (ESL 125W) is hanging around 25-28 cm above the plants the temp at the leafs tips is around 28° C (82,4° F).
    Considering all the different stuff i've watched and read it should be around 27° C (80,6° F ) which i get by hanging the lamp around 30cm up high.
    How come your plants aint burning, dude ? ….
    Great grow series btw. actually the best and most authentic i've seen so far.

  • Eugenio Vasquez 3 weeks ago

    thank you

  • Mr. Lemonz 3 weeks ago

    I'm on this stage right now.. What wattage lights do you use and when do I upgrade to higher wattage lights? Please respond ! Thank you

  • vivek rai 3 weeks ago

    Which lights are you using for the vegetative stage?
    and whats the wattage?



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