New Orchid project – Growing Vanda seedlings!

Today we start a new, long term, Orchid project! Growing some Vanda seedlings 😀
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One of my awesome viewers shared his order of Vanda seedlings with me, so now I have 15 tiny, V. tesselata x denisoniana babies.

I opted for a ventilated and moist setup, with even and almost continuous moisture. I used polystyrene and a few strands of microfiber in a shallow plastic cup without drainage.

The goal was to find a way to maintain the seedlings moist as even as possible, while providing tons of air at the same time. No root should have dry portions or stay in a pool of water.

Light will be bright, but no direct sunshine and fertilizer very dilute. And now we wait 🙂

Experiment with surface tension
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  • Ronald Last 2 weeks ago

    At my age… doing this might be a bit optimistic… 🙂

  • princeappleX 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny,
    I just wonder if you'd consider using pebbles instead of the styrofoam mixed with the microfiber for the anchoring purpose? Have you done an experiment with that set-up? Or you have particular reason(s) not using them?
    I appreciate your input and videos all the time.
    Thank you!

  • Halim Handoko 2 weeks ago

    16 days.. still alive or already dead?

  • Carol Habicht 2 weeks ago

    They are so ADORABLE! <3

  • Orkidemi Büyütüyorum 2 weeks ago

    hi Danny congratulations, great videos. i would like to learn about that white material. Polistiren? what is that?

  • Pia Orkideer - norsk gruppe 2 weeks ago

    So exciting :-)!! Thank you! But I can see that you have some micro fiber on your cristata too. Can you say something about that? Is it a experiment or? I have a Coelogyne cristata so I am a little curious 🙂

  • Nikki Ingram 2 weeks ago

    Hmm I wonder if this setup would be good for my little dendrobium keiki. It has tons of roots and just started a second psuedobulb (I don't think the keiki is more than 2-3 months old) but still attached to mother plant. Crazy orchid

  • MJ SM 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny great video! I have a tinny one that is still attached to my mature Vanda, it still has no roots of it's own. I think I'll have to wait. I was wondering have your heard about this orchid named Medinnilla Magnifica? Do you own one? Please give me your thoughts on it I really want one but there is not much info on the web. Thank you 🙂

  • Victor Baker 2 weeks ago

    Oh my 5 to 7 years. I hope I live to see the blooms. Lol this is how I like to grow plants from seedlings if not from seed. But you basically need a lab to breed orchids. So one day I hope to have a set up for it. But for know am ready to go on this ride with you. I got my seatbelt on so let's go.

  • Caroline Guidry 2 weeks ago

    how long do these take to mature?

  • mysticshining 2 weeks ago

    So cool Danny 😀 Look forward to see their progress. I like the potting set-up and explanation, thanks! -tammy

  • LinardBraslin 2 weeks ago

    I will have to say that I doubt that these orchids will have a great variation in between them, because they are primary hybrids between two species. If one of the parents was already a hybrid between two species, there would no doubt be variation among the offspring. Although this might not hold true, if the parents were crosses between different varieties of the same species.

  • Mario Roz 2 weeks ago

    I love the videos about Vandas, they are becoming one of my favourite types or orchid.

  • orchiiids on youtube 2 weeks ago

    great and interesting video. After watching your first video on microfiber, I tried mircrofiber with my vandas in glassvases and I'm very pleased with that setup. I hope your seedlings will perform well. Fingers crossed.

  • darkangelkitty34 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny, I was wondering how you feel about Miracle Gro Orchid potting mix formulated for Phalanopsis orchids?

  • Charlie Torres 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny! I'm also growing some Vanda seedlings, Vanda tricolor to be more specific. I started 13 months ago and indeed is a really slow process, i use a plate with individual cells starting with 20 seedlings, at this date it remain alive like 14 little plants that over the last year grow around 5 new leaves (wider than the older ones).
    Even if is a slow process is very rewarding! Glad you give it a try.

  • Anjana Raj 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny. I am a beginner. Tje temperature here is between 36°-40°C. My orchids feel very light when I lift the pots. Should I water them frequently? Please advise.

  • Svetlana Just nice orchids 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny! I got mine almost two years ago and they were a little bit bigger than yours so i think those seedling you have just from the flask. They will be seedlings in 1 year i believe. Happy growing!

  • Sapula McHandyman 2 weeks ago

    hello Danny I got a question, does smaller orchids like dendrobium subulatum and dendro pachyphyllum require weak fertilizer?

  • UnicornsPoop Rainbows 2 weeks ago

    Hi Danny, I recently got a phalaenopsis a couple of months ago that seemed to be doing fine, until one of the bottom leaves started yellowing and gaining brown/black spots. I quickly removed the leaf and the surrounding area, and all has been fine for a few weeks, but once again one of the leaves is (just barely) starting to yellow and I'm worried for its health. Do you have any idea what might be happening? I thought it might be fungal, but it does not smell, and I do not live in a particularly humid environment


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