Gorilla Garden Sheds Ltd: 20 x 10 apex garden shed with georgian windows plank taller

a 20 x 10 apex garden shed built a plank taller to accommodate the doors in the eaves side. The windows are Georgianed and the doors have been fitted with continuous hinges.
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This time I’m doing some serious spring cleaning by finally organizing my garden shed in the backyard. It has been such a mess that I could hardly walk around inside. Watch the video to see what I did.

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  • Emperor of Yorkshire 5 months ago

    Nice looking shed.

  • Webb Makes 5 months ago

    Now I’m jealous and want to clean up my shed. Great video!

  • Making Stuff 5 months ago

    that feels gooood, organizing stuff!

  • ksp1278 5 months ago

    Looks like a great improvement! Constructive critism though – In my opinion the section of the video outside the shed watching you empty it was perhaps not needed (at least not in its entirety).

  • Barry Roberts 5 months ago

    Now don't you feel a lot better doing that? Nice bit of cleaning up there. Well Done.
    Barry (ENG)


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