How to Cut Keyhole into Raised Garden Beds Retrofit

My 10 year old garden beds have done us well but I could never reach the middle of the beds without stepping in – this keyhole retrofit finally solved the problem!

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  • 50 shades of green 10 months ago

    key hole beds are a great idea with big beds so you can get to every bit of the space !! great job !!

  • yack f zay 10 months ago

    Brukale interesting flavor. slightly sweet. Great idea building the keyhole.

  • Allotment Grow How 10 months ago

    Excellent video Mark, really enjoyed it and your instructions and video shots were clear and simple to follow. Top job mate. Cheers Adam

  • Dale Calder 10 months ago

    I did the same thing with my first raised bed very long which is great but way too wide. Potatoes in it this year and I just came in the house from transplanting sunflowers down the centre of it . The areas that I can reach are planted with potatoes, onions and shallots. You just built some beautiful key hole beds. Most of my raised beds are are over 10 years old and starting to rot except for the one large mistake bed the others are 4X4 feet or 2X16 feet beds so no problem reaching the centre I'm think when I start replacing them I will do larger key hole beds.

  • Eros 10 months ago

    Thanks for going into so much detail on how you retrofitted your keyhole beds. I learned a lot.

  • Homebirth Homeschool Homestead 10 months ago

    Great job! How wide do you recommend making raised beds?

  • Scott M 10 months ago

    Oh come on now mate! You missed a perfect opportunity to purchase a new cordless impact driver.

  • OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening 10 months ago

    Loved the retrofit, Mark! I remember you saying you were going to do this, and you did! Your back is going to thank you. Thanks for the shout out!

  • wildchook (Mary) 10 months ago

    I love what you have done to your large beds and yep Patrick's  garden bed idea is brilliant. It makes it easy to plant your edibles or tend to the plants.  I remember when he built that a while back. I can't wait to see what you are going to grow in them beds. Cheers my friend!

  • BobMels Gardens 10 months ago

    Good advice to build them with the keyhole. Best wishes Bob.

  • Sheila6325 10 months ago

    Mark, That's wonderful! I love anything that takes the frustration out of gardening. I'm going to put a couple raised beds here at my rental, and should finish my beds at my property at the end of this summer, or in the fall. I decided to go a bit higher so that I don't have to bend too much. There's one area at my property that I may have to use a wider bed like yours, and if I do, I will use this system for sure. This may have solved the problems I was having with that area, and take the worry out of how I was going to reach the veggies, if I had to make it a large bed. Thank you so much. Sheila

  • Rev John O'Toole 10 months ago

    nice job, we have screws called timber screws they are driven in with an electric drill. they have a very course thread and often a special head that reduces to handle the torque, lengths from 4 inches to 12.
    best to you, we are in summer finally and planting outside.

  • Yankee Liv'n 10 months ago

    very nice great job

  • RD Kitchen Garden 10 months ago

    The beds really look good. Thanks foe sharing

  • Chris Towerton 10 months ago

    Hey Mark, Nice retro fit… I use 125 mm landscaper screws (I don't know what they are really called but that's their nick name) they are galvanised and very quick to use. They're so useful I buy them by the 5kg bucket ;-)… Chris


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