How to Transplant Pepper Seedlings for Strong Plants

How to Transplant Pepper Seedlings for Strong Plants

Planting is simple, but knowing what plants to plant deep can give your plants a head start for a stronger more productive life! In this video we show you how to plant peppers deep and what to watch for while doing it.

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  • biblical giants 1 week ago

    ..i transplanted a habenero plant to a different spot after already being planted outside for a looks kinda you think it might die? might've been too big to move i guess..

  • The Peeping Egg 1 week ago

    I'm doing peppers for the first time this year and they are growing sooooo slowly! I've still got them in cups and since we've had all that rain here in zone 7, I didn't want to take a chance and drown them outside. Can I transplant them even though mine are still much smaller than the ones you show in the video? Thanks so much for any input!

  • Clara Slate 1 week ago

    Nice tip, thank you!

  • Victor Jimenez 1 week ago

    can I do this to any pepper plant?

  • Itty Bitty Garden 1 week ago

    How long did it take from start to where you are putting in the dirt?


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