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Years after graduation, when people dig through dusty cupboards for a fleeting glimpse of moments that are long gone, one relic of the past can play a crucial role in how those moments are now perceivedthe school yearbook. Appearances, contrary to claims that state otherwise, do matter and an elegantly designed school yearbook is no exception to this rule. Ask anyone who managed to transform the shudders experienced while remembering high-school humiliations into fond memories by simply looking through this prized record of youth.

However, the utility of a school yearbook can go above and beyond mere reminiscences, as Ruthy Navon, discovered. Watching her son’s grief at the loss of a dear friend in the Israeli army, turn into frustration as he searched in vain for photographs of this departed friend, Ruthy decided to form YearBookAlive. YearBook Alive is a manufacturer and provider of digital school yearbook design products and services. Since its initial pioneering step in 1999, YearBook Alive’s design has come a long way and has taken yearbooks well into the digital era.

Widely considered the manufacturer and provider of the world’s leading digital school yearbook software, YearBookAlive has successfully participated in a number of prestigious international collaborations. Chief among these is a partnership with Yale University. Under the terms of this alliance, this manufacturer and provider of school yearbook products and services is the exclusive yearbook publisher for the Masters [MHA] program in Hospital and Healthcare Administration offered by Jimma University, Ehiopia, in collaboration with the Yale School of Public Health and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

The value of this collaboration was noticed by Elizabeth Bradley who stated that it would increase “levels of networking and knowledge-sharing between students and the entire health professional community” and “allow for students to highlight their personal achievements and the progress made in their respective hospitals.”

There are a number of reasons for schools to partner with companies such as YearBookAlive. The first of these is, to use a clich, the future is digital. The YearBookAlive software literally makes school yearbooks come alive through its ability to allow combinations of not only still images, but video and audio as well.

The second reason has to do with economy. Traditional yearbooks are expensive to produce. Apart from the costs of printing, the time and effort required when compiling and formatting a yearbook is significant. Switching to a digital format can make your school yearbook easier and cheaper to create while even offering and a fresh idea for raising funds.

Cuts to education budgets across North America have forced schools to look for new and innovative ways balance their budgets. In this, technology has often been a savior. Already, progressive schools are discovering that digital technology can not only save them money, but also help them create school yearbooks that will bring in significant revenue. It is little wonder that YearBookAlive has partnered with over four-hundred schools all over the world, including the United States, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, and Hungary.

For more information about creating the perfect digital school yearbook with YearBook Alive, visit YearBookAlive.

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