Starting Seeds Earlier Isn’t Always Better – *why we haven’t started anything yet*

growing a garden is fun and can be great to start early. However one of the biggest mistakes everyone makes is assuming you MUST start indoors and that is the only way to have a successful garden.
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  • Browncoat Blue 7 days ago

    I'd always start peppers & eggplants pretty early, because they can be such slow growers. The rest you're still fine with. Keep in mind, Lake Michigan has no ice.

  • Barbara Walker 7 days ago

    In Danville ,Virginia had 5 inches of Snow Monday already started my seeds small seedling up will transplant to bigger pot when they get bigger

  • lisa schaeffer 7 days ago

    I don't have much room indoors for starting seeds, and grow lights are hard on the electric bill.

  • Ekoene 7 days ago

    I dont live in Usa. but i still find your channel to interesting. Greeting from sweden

  • 628DirtRooster 7 days ago

    Can't believe it's still snowing up there.

  • KristenGibson_CanadianGirl 7 days ago

    I have started seeds indoors (and sometimes still do), but my last experiment showed me what works best for me. I planted seed indoors and direct sowed, and my direct sowed seeds took off and grew much better, the yields were better, they were stronger, and BIGGER.

  • greenthumb 7 days ago

    Iowa here and I start seeds in February and March with the winter sowing method in milk jugs. Outside they sit and they get snow and rain on them. This is my 3rd year using this method and much easier then starting inside.

  • Natasha K 7 days ago

    Thanks SO much Luke!! We're here in Michigan by Grand Rapids and I'm itching to garden!! LOL I needed this video today! Thanks again Luke and family!!❤️

  • Bobbys site 7 days ago

    how do you plant tomatoes in the ground in april in mich.?

  • Homestead Blessings 7 days ago

    Live in zone 6, my Pap always started his peas. parsley, spinach with seeds in the ground on Saint Patrick's day. I have done the same since I started gardening and have always done well with those early spring plants. Praying this year is the same. Have had cold weather but only a little snow. Two weeks of super cold ( below zero at night and single digits day) I got seeds from you this year but haven't started them indoors yet either. Waiting till the end of this month for tomatoes and peppers to be planted. We live on what we grow so praying for a great garden this year.

  • Tom Anderson 7 days ago

    I like to wintersow in containers such as gallon water and milk jugs, this gives me a head start on some greens and veggies. Works well and will be harden off at planting time

  • Jonathan Mich 7 days ago

    here in euope belgium we have already
    15 º warm , but that doesn't mean the frost is over .i starded my seed this week but only in the porch tho

  • DailyGamingNews 7 days ago

    What's your thought on living mulch? Clover?

  • If I can grow it so can you. 7 days ago

    Peppers need to be started early in my opinion.

  • kevin benoit 7 days ago

    You would hate it here in nb, Canada. I shoveled my deck yesterday and there is over 4 feet of snow on it and outside

  • Rob Simpson 7 days ago

    Enjoy your videos, but I have to add a little icing to the warm weather we southerners are having. I planted my plants into the garden this past weekend.

  • Devonte Harmon Joseph 7 days ago

    Most of the snow is gone here in West Michigan. It's just the inch here in there that melts over the course of a few days.

  • twocvbloke 7 days ago

    Work with nature, and you'll always win, fight nature, and nature will fight back twice as hard… 🙂

  • Grammy Vulture 7 days ago

    I'm excited to see the lettuce beds this year.

  • Charles Knowles 7 days ago

    That's not really true at all about the arctic. The reason is because … It's the arctic. There isn't enough sun exposure to warm the earth anyway. And here in Palmer Alaska were starting to warm up nicely. Have fun suffering in Michigan wink wink


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