Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World Part 1 of 6

Roku, Korra & Pabu came with me and some friends as guests to visit Bird World in Maleny.
The Macaws were verrrrry interested to see Roku & Korra, but all got on in the end.

No one messed with Korra, not even the resident greenwing & scarlet, Korra is a badass πŸ˜€

Was a great day! will be uploading the videos in 6 parts as it was so long.

Please visit if you can it was so worthwhile!!
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  • Adventures of Roku 4 months ago

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  • Osmo Lindqvist 4 months ago

    So many gentle giants!!😱

  • Kesha Animal girl 4 months ago

    Who ever disliked this

    Fuck you

  • Angie Queale 4 months ago

    Princess korra knows she's the most beautiful green-wing in the world😍😍

  • Karen Brown 4 months ago

    Bummi has things to say, too!! He's a sweetheart.

  • Mano GyvΕ«nai 4 months ago


  • Elaine 4 months ago

    This is so neat! I am guessing that most of these birds NOT free flight, and hence the netting? Such a charming way for everyone to socialize and give the birds new experiences! I saw Fish's mum there for a second. Di we get to see him? My across the world obsession knows no bounds! Haha

  • Meme Meme 4 months ago

    I miss my parrot so much after watching this

  • Addis AcostaJB 4 months ago


  • jenny fernandes 4 months ago

    woe,that is amazing

  • Angela Williams 4 months ago

    how do you tell your birds apart from all the rest?

  • Shadow 4 months ago

    Man… So many Rokus, so many Korras… Im slowly losing track
    (β•―X ͜぀XοΌ‰β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻

  • Texaslife43 4 months ago

    Quick question – I'm assuming that the birds in the center are looked after by an in house vet – how did you obtain permission to bring your birds and did you have to provide proof of good health as not to risk your birds being infected by the center birds or vice versa?

  • Spyc 4 months ago

    i wish we had places like this in the us we are so behind

  • HamBurglar 4 months ago

    So beautiful

  • Joel Dorman 4 months ago


  • LSD Cat 4 months ago

    I've been there before. it's amazing!


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