You’ll Never Throw Away Avocado Seed After Watching This

You’re probably already aware that avocados are one of the most nutritious foods around – these creamy fruits are great for weight loss, healthy-skin and hair, balanced blood sugar levels, increased nutrient absorption and digestive health. However, most avocado lovers aren’t aware that they are throwing away the most nutritious part of the fruit – the seed! Yes, you can eat that big, brown rock-like seed that represents up to 20% of the whole avocado.
How to Eat Avocado Seed?
After removing it from the avocado, Rinse and dehydrate at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-hours. Take it out, remove the outer skin and place it on the counter.
Press on the dried seed with the back of a thick knife blade; the pit will split in two. Dice the pit halves then put into a high-powered blender, and pulse until it has turned into a powder. Add them to your smoothies, Oatmeal and baking.
Some benefits of this often overlooked component of the avocado fruit include:

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  • MrReallionaire100 4 months ago

    This seed makes an excellent projectile in my slingshot

  • Susane Manyasi 4 months ago

    A lot of work but it’s good for your joints.

  • S F 4 months ago

    Why go through all that? Just use a Vitamix blender. The only step you need to turn it into powder.

  • Wilson Santiago 4 months ago

    Isn’t there poison in the seed?

  • DAAWG 4 months ago


  • Dallon Ghan 4 months ago

    I'll just stick to the avocado

  • Danny Lopez 4 months ago

    Avocados are a great superfood. Cholesterol is an adaptive response, high or low cholesterol is a manifestation of the bodies natural healing processes. SO there is NO SUCH THING AS GOOD or BAD cholesterol. The brain is 50% cholesterol! There is a myriad of misinformation concerning cholesterol that MD's are not correctly informed.

  • S Singh 4 months ago

    I use raw seed. Buy the nutmeg grinder and rinse the seed and air dry completely, keep the seeds in a jar. Grind it raw seed little bit at a time as you need. Use the powder in tea, coffee, salsa, pizza, pastas… in all foods. You can also use the apricot seeds same way. Apricot seed kills cancer. ✌🏻

  • PhaseSkater 4 months ago

    This chick can’t even pronounce avocado correctly

  • Dellapearl 4 months ago

    I swallow them whole. If you eat them any other way, you're a wimp.

  • Flavaboy 4 months ago

    Oh yes I will! Whoever made this video is crazy. We are not meant or equipped to eat the seed of an avocado. Our digestive tract does not contain the proper enzymes to break down it's TOXIC contents.
    Earlier humans (our ancestors) were most likely able to digest them, but only because they lived in a harsh environment that gentically enabled them to do so. As we evolved and transitioned to grain based diets, our digestive system lost the ability to produce the necessary enzymes that combat the toxins found in this seed. Don't waste your time attempting to try this. And the person who posted this needs to do their research. Seriously! 😕

  • Sal C 4 months ago

    I just threw one away. What you gonna do about it?

  • marlene mcmillan 4 months ago

    Im not eating them… the fruit

  • E 10 4 months ago

    Eat some and grow some

  • LadyBug 4 months ago

    I think we should just crack it and eat it raw, see how we feel… No baking!

  • perlaand 4 months ago

    Sorry, but if you can't prove it scientifically, how can we consider the information?

  • VapeKing 4 months ago

    This doesnt sound too tasty to me lol

  • denny thedtrain 4 months ago

    I will never eat an avocado seed.

  • Just Android 4 months ago

    I refuse to eat avocato fetuses


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