How to Build and Plant a 3 Tier Strawberry Tower from Repurposed Containers – TRG 2015

I show you how to make and plant a 3 tier strawberry tower made from repurposed containers. It will easily support over 25 strawberry plants. I also show you what a strawberry crown is, as it is important not to bury it!

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  • Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) 4 months ago

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  • Lucy2317 W 4 months ago

    Hey Gary how did you winter over the strawberries? Because they are elevated above ground did they get too cold or did they come back for you? I am in Ohio zone 6a

  • Gary Klingelsmith 4 months ago

    Gary, what do you suggest for fertilizing strawberries and how often?

  • Gud 4 months ago

    Do you have a followup to this video? It's been almost two years now since your video. Is the plant alive or dead? Thx.

  • Gary Klingelsmith 4 months ago

    Gary, I just watched another vlog on growing strawberries and was told to wait until the plant is 3 years old before using/planting the runners. Unil then, cut them like you would a Sucker . Do you agree with this?

  • Aquariel Charm 4 months ago

    Deer and rabbits eat strawberry leaves. I remember reading an article about E coli contamination of Oregon strawberries back in August of 2011. The deer were falsely blamed for the E coli. The same happened with other 'organic' fruits and vegetables throughout the years. I stay away from GMO which are irrigated with sewage water, Roundup (glyphosate) and other pesticides.

    What most don't know is the US govt allows sewage sludge to be sold as organic fertilizer in the United States. It's sold in garden supply stores across the U.S. Tens of thousands of farms, agricultural fields, ranches, forests, playgrounds, school grounds, sport arena, public parks, etc., are breeding grounds for the plague. You can even smell it when it's first put down. Most think that's a natural odor — it isn't. The EPA approves this.

    Some fertilizers, soils and compost shouldn't even be handled with your bare hands let alone used to grow food. Do you want to stay Healthy? Here's a list of branded products that contain sewage sludge:

  • Tina Salas 4 months ago

    I have learned more watching your videos. Thanks

  • Joanne Nardoni 4 months ago

    I go to the garden and plant the plants, the next day I look for them and they are GONE.
    I need a body guard for them.

  • Joanne Nardoni 4 months ago

    Could u have made the holes smaller to keep the soil in the container?

  • Patrick Pittman 4 months ago

    Where did you get your strawberry plugs from, or were they shipped to you bare root?

  • Elitsa Mladenova 4 months ago

    Very thoughtful! 10x!
    Do you think if you plant lettuces on the back side (, where there is no sun)  they will trive and not bold?

  • Chris Dahl 4 months ago

    You always have such easy, practical ideas!

  • David 4 months ago

    Hi Gary, I usually only plant annuals in pots, mostly because of my inexperience with these, but how will you overwinter a perennial in a pot? I'm only one zone higher than you, but all of my pots freeze over the winter, so I'm hesitant to try perennials. I am looking forward to seeing the strawberries come in this year. Do you have any particular variety that you like? Thanks again for sharing, Dave.

  • Guido Rollard 4 months ago

    very effective way to grow lot of strawberries if you have little room to work with. Thank you

  • City to Farm 4 months ago

    I've always had a problem with the soil settling in the pots, then the strawberries get dragged under and die because the crowns get buried. I hope you don't have that problem! Good luck 🙂

  • Marcus Triton 4 months ago

    very nice tower. TY.

  • Cherish and Swain 4 months ago

    I can't wait to see how that turns out. Thanks for the tip about the base of the plant. I just planted strawberries yesterday and I was concerned about how close it is to the soil. I will be correcting that right away. Your videos have helped me TREMENDOUSLY.

  • Karl Becker 4 months ago

    It will be interesting to see how these strawberries grow for your season.  I bought and planted strawberries in three locations last year: the ground, vertical stacking and hanging.  The best was in the ground!  I'm still getting strawberries, but the other two have performed poorly.  I think they will all go in the ground in my rainy season coming up.  I think the strawberries like the "cooler" ground.  (I am in Florida zone 10)


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