Kim Woodburn at Whitehaven Home and Garden Show

Kim Woodburn at Whitehaven Home and Garden Show

Kim Woodburn talks to Dianne about finding success late in life, cleaning and how to get your message across by being a little cheeky.
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  • L S 1 week ago

    Love KIm so, so much. The most down-to-earth, real-talking woman there is. You can tell she's been through it all in life and she won't take any nonsense and why should she? Love you Kim x

  • Booby Manfanny 1 week ago

    I could listen to Kim talk all day, she’s so addictive.

  • BlytheWorld1972 1 week ago

    I love her

  • Role play responder 1 week ago

    Nice woman, get to know her and you'll see why she was defensive on big brother.
    Heart of gold and down to earth just don't cross her.

  • Mike Hudson 1 week ago

    So nice to see Kim as herself, lovely down to earth lady.

  • Alvin Row 1 week ago

    thanks so much for this upload. quickly becoming one of my favorite albums!
    I got into this corner of weird synthy avant garage shit from pere ubu, quickly exhausted their discography, and have been trying to branch out.

    You wouldnt maybe have any Tripod Jimmie you could upload, would you? There's some on youtube but nothing cohesive.


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